Blooming Carrions – Sisters in Blooming Flesh 12″MLP/MCD (Iron Bonehead)

Inferno and heat!


Blooming Carrions is a very underground entity from Finland with only a guy called EvM. The one-man-band released two demos and this is his debut EP with only three songs.

First of all, the music is a blackened death metal in the vein of Grave Upheaval, so if you’re not into this kind of ultra-aggressive sounds you’d better stop reading here.

Fist song is an epic of heaviness in noisy satanic death metal: being the title track the song has a lot of passages with changes of tempo and of course, phrases. Difficult to fathom what is happening because the wall of noise, it demands some spins to get what is really happening in the somehow confusing mix. Although the admirers of this kind of bestial metal doesn’t expect something like a “good mix”. It’s noise upon noise, metal on metal affair. Density is what guide the whole EP.

Enchantment of Slaughtering sounds like an Aussie band, with Impetuous Ritual being the disgraceful reference: no quarter for the posers, yet not so different in MO from the first track, this song is a relentless attack to the senses, only made for the most radical headbangers out there. Although the tune has a kind of “guide” riffs, everything sounds chaotic and apocalyptic. The quintessence of the end of the world.

The long track Lehto just adds gasoline to the satanic fire and the explosion is imminent. Like the first one, the song is an epic operetta of infernal proportions. Over again, the changes of tempo, like a trip to hell itself, with vortexes of guitars, insatiable drumming, mega guttural vocals, all lead to the ultimate destruction of mankind.

This album has one mistake however: it’s too short and I’d like to hear a proper debut with all the nuclear destruction put together. It’d be an interesting experience.

 Sisters in Blooming Flesh will be out in 12″MLP/MCD on Iron Bonehead and the date of release is November 28th.

Rating: 8/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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Ruach Raah – Submission In Absolute – War Arts Productions

Blackened Thrash Metal or just Black Metal?


Sometimes labels can be confusing. This band from Portugal sometimes is labeled as Blackened Punk which I beg to differ. The thing is if they have some Discharge influence (as in old- Sepultura or HELLHAMMER, I can totally agree with that). So that it is, a Hellhammer-like kvlt of extreme black metal.

That being said this EP clocks in at only 19 minutes with 5 nasty black metal songs.

First song The Old Serpent indeed commence with a Hellhammer kind of riffage notwithstanding with a second wave of Black metal (in vocals mainly) appearing in the forefront of this simple but very rough song that got anyone by the balls.

Regressive Crucifixion resounds like a heavier blackened thrash band that ran amuck into the savageness of pure black metal rage. Extremely headbanging song, no quarter and no frills. Only for the strong in mind and soul. This is the one which most resounds like Apocalyptic Raids EP if it was recorded today. Fucking classic.

Great Advocator of Blood puts more pedal to the metal, with an unapologetic drumming, vocals from the abyss and elementary but effective guitars. A vision of hell itself.

Under the Influence of Lucifer brings more thrash-turned-black work with a mix of Nifelheim with Marduk. True to the bone, obdurate and perfect for invoking the horned one itself.

To pack the rusty metallic attack, The Sinister Bride is a party for die-hards of the old school culto. Scourging sound with terror and pestilence through bellows of infernal type, satanic velocity, everything runs amok and that’s the end of the massacre.

Before all Submission In Absolute is an excellent and pure-blood black metal work. And it deserves to be heard as such. Fuck the sub-labels, stay true!

Submission In Absolute is out NOW o War Arts Productions.

Rating 8/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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Nocturnal Depression – Tides of Despair (Sun & Moon Records)

Black Metal in True Despair!



The DSBM cult from France, Nocturnal Depression is back with another excellent album Tides of Despair. And no this is not “depressive rock” under disguise of Black Metal, this is the real deal.

While so many bands try to migrate or “evolve” their sounds, what Nocturnal Depression made throughout the years was to perfect what they’ve always done: quality black metal, even if it’s a very slow type.

Tides of Despair (the title track) shows a firm yet well produced sound without being sold out. Mid-tempo all the way, the riffages are very “down” without being cheap. They are repetitive without being boring. Actually, is a very enjoyable song.

The great song of the album is Solitude and Despair again with the iterations back in a simple riff that gains layers like a bass as the song goes on. Almost the half of the track follow this MO, but the phrases did change into an orchestra of anguish and misery. Over again, with instruments overlapping one another, this is a festival of mental squalor into a golden box.

The most interesting in this so-called evolution is that it doesn’t remember anything else, although the hypnotic songs are here, but over again, done with neatness mainly in the excellent track Slit my Wrists, that have some kind of atonal riffs and unexpected melodies for this kind of opus.

Farewell Letter is another high point of the album: this one showing extremely sad riffs and whatnot. Despondency in perfection, bereavement in high resolution.

Tides of despair is, as aforementioned (and before all) a black metal album. An example of a band that stays true to their original proposal, yet with grandiosity. This is not shoegaze or atmospheric black metal. Fans of DSBM can go wrong with Nocturnal Depression.

Tides of Despair is going to be out on Sun & Moon Records on November 25th.

Rating: 9/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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Örnatorpet – Vid Himinsenda (Nordvis Produktion)

Dungeons Synth for connoisseurs!


If you’re into dark ambient, dungeon synth, black ambient, Burzum and Mortiis this album is totally for you

Örnatorpetis an obscure project from Borås, Sweden, whose member name is unknown.

That being said, the quality in this so-called dungeon synth label (which are solely project made by kids in their bedroom) is not the best, but Örnatorpet enters in the market opposing (in quality) everything else and being the new Mortiis/Burzum when we talk about quality/production.

The sound is very pleasant to hear in 7 tracks of pure Nordic speechless medieval music!

Vættr, the track that opens the opvs has the quality of being very troll-like without being metal, and men that is incredible, because through the synths and whatnot the song grows on one who hears it paving the path to the rest of the album.

Third track Útgarðr follows suit and it’s a must hear for the die-hards of the genre. Viking feelings abound everywhere and it’s a delight to the eardrums!

Not so original tracks like Myrkriður and Nykr are imitations of Burzum (ambient phase, of course), but TELL ME, since when this was a problem? I see only qualities here, although the album Vid Himinsenda gains a lot of point when is being original as in the ominous track Hræsvelgr.

But the icing in the cake is the last track Níðhöggr, the most striking song in all the disc. It gets one by the balls. It’s like a sacred hymn of obscure proportions.

This “band” has his complete works easily found on Bandcamp, being Vid Himinsenda and (the previous album) Hymner Från Snökulla releases concomitant with Nordvis.

This is a gem for the those who seek QUALITY. Don’t look anywhere else, you’ve already found it.

Vid Himinsenda is out NOW on Nordvis Produktion .

Rating 9/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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SAVAGE MASTER – Myth, Magic & Steel (Shadow Kingdom)

NWOABIHM – New wave of American British-Inspired Have Metal


These American purists come to their fifth release (third full length) bringing nothing less than a torrent of zealot Heavy Metal mania!

No, it’s not speed metal or any variation, it comes directly from the 80’s source. Although being American and not being totally inspired by the Britons, having some influence of their American counterparts (and from other countries for that sake), this is pure Satan with Angel Witch in their British part and totally Cirith Ungol from their American (counter)part.

Okay, it’s being a little bit confused here and let’s take another way: American Heavy Metal from the first 80’s was totally British-inspired and let’s work with the perception that NWOBHM is just a label.

That being said, some claim that the Savage Master sound have something to do with Chastain for example, just because the feminine vocals of Stacey Peak but I beg to differ. The band of Leather Leone and David T. Chastain is much faster, whereas Savage Master is so traditional.

Of course, this is just to put the things in the right place and in the light of that let’s go to the highlights:

The opener which is the title track is overtly strident, ripping the ears apart with simple, but with efficient riffage and mid-tempo drumming, where is not technical (by the way, don’t expect nothing technical for a purist heavy metal band) but with bigger than life choruses and beefy soloing remembering Judas Priest.

One that is my fave is Flyer in the Night with its super singalong bulky chorus, impossible to not assimilate and love. By the way, it’s becoming rare to hear something very cool that is not original in the formula but feasible when listened to. This thing simply works much better than expected!

The doom-laden Warrior vs Dragon makes sense exactly because it remembers some Heavy Load from Sweden, Manilla Road and… Cirith Ungol! The dry organic beatings make this one not just a travel through time but a real epic rocker!

The problem here is: the other songs are not earworms as the aforementioned. No, they are not terrible, they are not a disgrace, they follow the formula all the way but what did I say about the working factor in the song Flyer in the Night? Well it’s not true for the rest of the album.

This is kind of a judge-by-yourself case, however is strongly recommended for the die-hards of this kind of strict heavy metal formula.

Myth, Magic & Steel is out now on CD, LP, TAPE via Shadow Kingdom!

Rating: 7/10

5 songs for your Halloween night!

No it’s totally different that you’ve read so far

Every year the three rock songs that everybody things about are: Halloween (Helloween), Halloween (King Diamond) and Samhain (Samhain).

Here goes five songs, that don’t need much explanation for their reason to be. Just click play and let the evil take care of your body and soul. Happy Halloween bastards! 






(Roderick Totentanz)

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Sarke – Gastwerso (Indie Recordings)

Let the ghost war begin!


This is the 6th album of Sarke and if you don’t like the band, you are a poser. Not that I’m the truth owner, but hell, this band is for few and I simply don’t think this is the way to be. They deserve more for the quality.

How’s that?

They’ve, in the last 10 years, been honing the “Sarke Sound” which is a mix of Kreator, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone (being the voice of Nocturno Kulto adding much to that), but being this the 6th album, they were perfect then, they are perfectly original now.

That is to say: they never had a bad album and they have the best album so far!

Gastwerso means Ghost War and that’s the song that opens the album. With a killer riff, the song is bombastic and the simple way of singing from Nocturno Culto (who is the star here, not because he’s from Darkthrone, but because his voice meets perfectly with the way of Sarke (the musician, not the band aka Thomas Berglie from Tulus and Khold). The team is completed by Steinar Gundersen (lead guitars, ICS Vortex ex-Lunaris), Anders Hunstad (live session for Satyricon and Tulus), Terje Myhre Kråbøl (drums – Killing for Company, Katechon ex- Faustcoven between others) and Stian Myhre Kråbøl (guitars – Tulus and Khold)

Another great song is Mausoleum with the darkest atmosphere, pessimistic words, an impeccable instrumental, simple but not simplistic. By the way, I think by this track is proven that people can make good songs without being hyper-technical. This is not punk rock, but the metal here is uniquely direct.

The “new demon” here is the pseudo-ballad The Endless Wait, with a crescendo of instrumentations, layers after layers, melancholic vocals and by the end, real female-lead vocals. Strange, given the gothic-like nature of the song but makes total sense with their Sarke-esque form of Black/Thrash Metal.

But my absolute fave is In the Flames which is obscure as hell. I mean, fuck, with all these black metal bands around, it’s been difficult to find something really fearsome and sung with gusto for the dark. Tons of negativity!

Cribs Hand, the closer, it’s a mix of The Endless Wait and the other tracks.

Not just because I put my faves on the table that other songs are negligible. They are ALL excellent making Gastwerso one of the best albums of the year (just one was not written by me). I mean it can get seriously the number one position, depending (on) how the year ends. It will be revealed by December.

In other words, you cannot live without this album. You just can’t. Accept the truth and buy it.

Gastwerso is going to be out on Indie Recordings and the date of release is November 1st.

Rating 10/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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