Sepultura re-schedule Quadra world tour.

Now they’re back on track to present Quadra for the audiences worldwide

Sepultura is back in 2021 with re-schedule dates to finally present the new album Quadra to avid audiences across the world (actually is a North American Tour with some dates in Europe). Guest bands include Sacred Reich, Crowbar and Art of Shock.

Get your tickets on:

Sepultura had released Quadra to greatest acclaim in February of 2020 but they hadn’t have a chance to present their new magnum opus alive because the COVID-19 pandemic, thus losing some momentum, but anyway it generated great reviews for the metal media across the globe and even Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, ex-Angra) said in a interview that it is a great album. The advice of Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater) was “stay at home and listen to new Sepultura album”.

Quadra was recorded in Sweden as its predecessor Machine Messiah in Örebro by the exigent producer Jens Brogen and the result could not be better. If you want to know the ranking of Quadra on Dark Souls United from best to worse, access this link:

Below is the official flyer with the dates of the tour:

Roderick Totentanz

Black Funeral – Scourge of Lamashtu (Iron Bonehead)

Unrelenting black metal dementia.

Black Funeral is a band that is staple of purest and truest USBM (United States Black Metal) and their perseverance in keeping the flame of raw black metal alive is something of note. I mean, what hinders them to be the best BM band from US? Absolutely nothing!

Scourge of Lamashtu is here to prove exactly that: their adamant faith in what people have distorted during the years: finest mix of Rawest BM and some kind of Dark ambient. It’s interesting enough that being a veteran band, they mastered this MO and is not because the term RAW is used here that the band make a shitty sound! No: they are masters in what they’ve proposed so far. Have no doubt of that.

The interludes of abysmal sounds with effects intertwined with purest form of Black metal assault like in the track The Vampyric Rabisu at the Thresh is moving. I mean seriously. To hear the grate musical fracas of the demo tape style of the band still thriving nowadays is not to return back in time. It’s to be jailed in the times of old, like the modernity hasn’t come at all.

The repetitive riff in Seven Udug-Hul along with vocal mix may sound confusing but it’s a pleasure to hear such a rotten black metal sound. Of course, if one hears with attention, the riffs are kinda melodic, and you should be asking yourself: raw or melodic? I’d say both, like in an absconded melody inside the noise. This is not Dimmu Borgir or Carach Angren, forget it!

One of my favorite tracks is Gidim Hul (Bloodthirst of the Demonic Dead) which is also the longest of the album. The atmosphere is harsh and that’s the motive I love this track. So much disgrace and suffering going on! Beautiful. Interesting note: the longer the tracks the shorter they sound. Just saying.

The simplest keyboard announces the end called Pazuzu King of the Lilu-Demons which is a terroristic yet a great track of purest black metal assault.

This album is for the defenders of the faith. Experience made Black Funeral to become a cult beyond the black metal pundits. If you don’t like them you are out of the circle. Period.

Scourge of Lamashtu is going to be out tomorrow via Iron Bonehead on CD and LP formats.

Rating: 8.5/10

Roderick Totentanz

VOODUS – Open the Otherness (Shadow Records / Regain Records)

Melancholic or BRUTAL black metal?

Truth be told: nobody can go wrong with the Swedes… I use to say there is something in their water that makes them producing better and better black metal bands.

Voodus was known by the moniker Jormundgand under a black/death sound from 2005 to 2015 when they had a change of heart and decided that they would start over in a more melodic (but no less brutal, don’t be a fool) form of purest Scandinavian black metal.

I daresay it was a noble thing to do because normally a band just change the logo and original sound goes down the drain, not the case here. So what’s, then, the case here?

First, it has to be said that the band released under Voodus moniker two EP’s and one CD prior to this release which has only two LONG songs.

That honed the skills for this superb release and it’d be easy to call them just melodic black metal, but that’s not that simple. Anyway, I’m here to explain. Their MO goes by advance in the true Swedish Black Metal territory and go back and forth into something truly melodic and melancholic that could be compared to Opeth but HEY, the comparisons stop right here, which leads to a conclusion that if it wouldn’t be for the black metal forays they would be simply classified as a MELODIC DEATH METAL band. But here’s is the catch 22.

It’d would be a free jazz if they opted to just merge the two styles without knowing better. No, they make the two become one in this LONG EP. And that’s their charm.

Clocking in at 13 minutes the title track is a trip of cosmic proportions. With bona fide black metal insights, the band turns melancholic and go back to hell. It’s like a suffering that has a pause, just to throw the listener to hell and back again. The fast blast beats are no joke while the depression slowly enters in. The vocalizations go for the best in Scandinavian Black Metal. They are not reinventing the wheel though. They use what was already there to be taken. No false post-bullshit or blackgaze imbecility. This is the real deal. Notice that the LONG final part of the song is kind of repetitive and very melancholic which opens the space to the next track…

… called Pillars Of Fate with a much more complex songwriting that just not go to and fro but they put the moods in one unity, indivisible black metal, now very melodic but a headbanger anyway. A mini chef d’ouvre that cannot be neglected. Mainly when all the heaviness goes away: in a beautiful pensive part the band makes its mark without compromising their sound an iota. Solos follow and they are great, lemme say.

Open the Otherness maybe is not an easy task for those who want the normal fast paced black metal or something blander (normally the two don’t marry). It’s an album for those who admire music in the open. Heavy Music of course.

Open the Otherness is out now on Shadow Records and Regain Records on tape, 12’’LP and CD.

Rating 8.5/10

Roderick Totentanz

MARTHE – Sisters of Darkness (Caligari Records)

The glorious equilibrium

The black doom oriented one-woman band Marthe is commanded by a girl name Marzia. The very fact that she plays in two d-beat bands and also plays guitar in a horror rock band speaks volumes about the final result of this demo Sisters of Darkness.

But don’t get this information deviate you from the main principle here: this is pure muddy black/doom, Celtic Frost style. Interesting enough is that she wants to pay tribute to Bathory and the result is fabulous. I know it seems confusing: she aimed at one and reached another. But the explanation is very simple. Music is not just about emulating someone else’s work; it is a result of one several influences and that doesn’t include only Bathory (Viking era) it also includes Celtic Frost and Black Sabbath in earnest. Does that make Marthe sound less true? Fucking no!

In only 4 tracks Marzia ALONE what the great majority of bands would never cannot: a magistral opus with macabre results using choruses and repetitive riffs. I mean, how many bands have tried that with ludicrous results?

The title track with CF influences is a behemoth of extreme proportions and the riffage and drumming (nothing fancy, mind you) with its mid-tempo to snail pace tone sounds heavier than a conventional black metal outfit.

Married to a Grave is really horror-like style now with true Bathory-esque intonation, and will get doomers aficionados by the throat: horror here is not Misfists-like; it’s ghost-like, no-silly vampiric approach, it’s the real deal. The chorus is second to none and it’s easiest my preferred song of the opus. It causes shrills down one spine.

The song Ave Mysteris is another phantasmal ritualistic satanic ditty that oscillates between psych rock of Coven or Seremonia and heavy-laden version of Burzum or the more sluggish songs of Darkthone. Although Marzia sings with a ghostly vocal, gutturals are totally allowed here. Another hook besides Married to a Grave.

Awake Arise Silence clocks in at 11 minutes and the first part doesn’t go away from that sense that is a dead girl singing from a cemetery like a satanic siren to pull you inside a grave of rottenness and decadence. Fearsome! The macabre riffs ain’t much of a cherish thing either. After that, the Sabbath-esque sound enters the arena with Marzia singing with a real hate in her heart. Not that this is something of my concern but this girl seems to have some axes to grind and won’t let any hatchet be buried. Resentment is the key to a good metal song. Also this song proves something very strong: who says that Black Sabbath cannot be considered Black Metal? I know post-Lord of Chaos movie kids and pseudo-radicals will prolly disagree but who says I care?

This is probably one of the better releases of the year and for sure the best revelation band/project that got me by surprise. I’m not the one who dig surprises. But this demo was a good one.

Sisters of Darkness is out now on Caligari Records.

Rating: 9/10

Roderick Totentanz

Classic Godless North re-released

The purists now have the chance to celebrate.

Godless North from Canada is a force to be reckoned with. Mainly because their very first demo which is forgotten by current boys and girls in the “scene” (Yeah I’m being sarcastic).

While today this kind of sound may sound like an anathema for kids who goes “post-black” or blackgaze, Nebular Carcoma brings back this classic demo called Dark Rites of Mystic Order back and in this time in vinyl for cultists of ugly black metal sound. Counting with an unreleased Burzum‘s cover track Burzum (aka Dunkelheit).

This spectacular classic is going to be re-released for die hards on July 2nd.

Roderick Totentanz

WALPURGIA – Altar of the Goatbaphomet – (Helter Skelter / Regain Records)

Hellas’ ultimate declaration of WAR!

Walpurgia is band formed in Greece and this debut demo was originally released last April independently in cassette and digital formats. But tomorrow, it will be re-released vinyl, and another round of tapes.

The sound is from the bestial black metal school of Beherit, Proclamation, Blasphemophagher and the likes.

So, if you wait for something bland, none you’ll shall find here.

This opvs has only 5 tracks clocking in at 21 minutes of pure disgraceful and abysmal sounds, being the first track, called Altar of the Goatbaphomet a reverence to “goat metal”, warmetal, you name it: fast drumming, intolerant bellows from the chasm, unapologetic riffs and all the jive.

Second track Anomalistic Orgies of the Mephistopheles goes in a crescendo of infernal brutality, a tough nut to crack kind of devilry, with vocalization made in the nether tombs of Satan.

Sadistic Recrucifixion (what a fucking cool name!) is as obdurate as it gets, with non-submissive true metal, no concessions in the iron-made song of the most mischievous barbarism and cruelty. What a fucking track, lemme tell ya.

Rites of the Black Mass is pure Beherit cult paying tribute to The gate of Nanna. Normally I’d say that it’s not an imitation with a proper sound, but it is! The influence is clear and this doesn’t take any points off.

Desecration Ritual, with a simple, none-the-wiser message with its ferocious attack is destructive and sinful at the same time, bulldozing the holy trinity to the ground.

This release is for the fanatics only. Don’t try if you’re just a curious metal head. You’ve been warned.

Altar of the Goatbaphomet will be released tomorrow via Helter Skelter / Regain Records on Bandcamp, on 12’’ LP and regular tape with slightly different art from the original.

Rating: 8/10

Roderick Totentanz

Black.Metal.Revenge (European Tour 2021)

Revenge announces European tour with very special bands.

Time is ripe to detour Covid-19 and make plans for a solid European tour. And Revenge is the band that promising to deliver it. Legit Brutal War Bestial Blackened Death Metal Style.

Special guests include  Profanatica (US), Misþyrming (Iceland) and Ultra Silvam (Sweden).

Countries include Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Czechia, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, France, Austria and Italy.

Tour is schedule to begin in April. Dates as it follows:

  • 8 Apr 21 Warsaw (PL) Proxima
  • 29 Apr 21 Gliwice (PL) Mrowisko
  • 30 Apr 21 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert
  • 01 May 21 Zagreb (HR) Club Mochvara
  • 02 May 21 Porto (PT) SWR Fest
  • 03 May 21 München (DE) TBA
  • 04 May 21 Prague (CZ) Futurum
  • 05 May 21 Hamburg (DE) Kulturpalast
  • 06 May 21 Copenhagen (DK) Beta
  • 07 May 21 Zwickau (DE) Club Seilerstraße
  • 08 May 21 Berlin (DE) Orwo Haus
  • 09 May 21 Drachten (NL) Iduna
  • 10 May 21 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg
  • 11 May 21 London (UK) The Underworld
  • 12 May 21 Antwerp (BE) Het Bos
  • 13 May 21 Paris (FR) Backstage
  • 14 May 21 Mannheim (DE) MS Connexion
  • 15 May 21 Abtenau (AT) The Temple Neudegg Alm
  • 16 May 21 Paderno (IT) Slaughter Club

Roderick Totentanz

Atheist’s Kelly Shaefer is writing new riffs.

Could we have a new Atheist album please?

After ten years of the release of Jupiter (that was released 17 years after their last release Elements – 1993), finally Kelly Shaefer shared on Atheist Facebook page new riffs he is writing during the quarantine. I could be frivolous and say he’s preparing a new album, but you know the guy, this mean absolutely nothing at the moment instead of hope for fans that something very demented is coming in our way in 2021. But it’s an indication. Better Shaefer’s riffs than no riffs.

Roderick Totentanz

Dead Carnage – From Hell For Hate (Immortal Souls Productions)

What this band don’t show in their sound.

Dead Carnage is a band from Czechia and in this sophomore release called From hell For Hate (strange title) there is a kind of old school death metal with a good production, but one can stop thinking that this album is something special or essential here.  

The truth is that recording in a good studio makes their sound be good, but not necessarily lends them creativity.

Generic Death Metal, with a mediocre drummer, the riffs are all alike and there’s no variation between songs. Remember, the criteria here is not that the album sounds horrible, it sounds uninteresting.

A track like Caged Brutality is no different than Devastation.

It seems that they found a formula and they follow it, if it sounds good, we are good with it.

The problem here is (by) clocking at 34 minutes and 9 songs, the sound inevitably will tire the listener. I can vouch for it, I’ve spun it 16 times!!

The bottom line is very simple, if they want to have a band for fun, and if you want to waste your time and money on the underground, I see no problem in it. But if they intend to enter in the big game, it’s better for them to return to music classes because it is not their zeitgeist.

From hell For Hate will be released on June 25th on Immortal Souls Productions

Rating: 6/10

Roderick Totentanz

Does the world still need Metallica?

Artificial Intelligence generates a brand new Metallica song.

A website called was fed arguably with entire Metallica catalog, or some of it and it generated this fake song called Deliverance Rides.

Some will quip that this is the best Metallica song ever. While others will feel that a machine is something that is not perfect, if you like Metallica or not.

Listen to the song:

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