Heresiarch – Wælwulf 7″ EP – (Iron Bonehead)

Intransigent hammer from New Zealand is back!

When I first heard of Heresiarch was three years ago when they released the high acclaimed demo Obsecrating the Global Holocaust and the subsequent EP Hammer of Intransigence. The latter in particular, changed (or better broadened) my visions of nuclear warfare and desolation without fucking compromise.

Now with this new EP Wælwulf they up the ante in the intolerant approach of their music, bringing the radioactive winds of war with them.

First song is a über debasement of human values, with the extreme fast drumming and low pitched muscular axework, leaving no place for any diplomatic conversations!!!!! For instance while the guitar is calling headbangers to war, the bassline enters announcing that the escalation has begun. The drummer (name not revealed) castigates his drum kit, but then everything implodes into an all out global war leaving victims all over the Earth.

Second track called Abrecan is based on military drumming assembling the troops in provocation against enemies. The feedback in the background sounds even more ominous than the actual riffs… and the actual riffs contain an extremely low pitched guitar with a probably bass plugged into a guitar amp to give this heaviest effect! Really disturbing!

Endethraest, the closer, bursts into a sound of panzers rolling over the Christian souls while they scream of pain in the middle of confusion rampage. Over again drumming sounds like two hundred thousand bullets fired per second, and there are no triggers here mofos. If you’re not keen to this kind of death/black noise invocating the nether spirits of war, then bugger off!

 Heresiarch, once more, proofs that they are totally immersed in the war against low lives who infest the war metal scene, no matter how far they have to go, they’re going to annihilate them all! If you wait for a better future, go listen to something else.


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