Nebiros – Necromanteion – In Commvnio Tenebrae (split) (Iron Bonehead)

South American infernal attack!


Okay here we have a short one, a split with only two songs released by Iron Bonehead with the Colombian band Nebiros and Bolivian blasphemers of Nekromanteion (not to be confused with the Norwegian band of almost the same name).

Nebiros and its track Yo Pecador sung in Spanish is not a fast number, but interestingly showcases the real South American way to make black metal, with a dose of death metal, but forget everything new in the two styles: everything here is primitive to the bone. The song remembers me the old days of Profane Creation from Brazil with a bassline dominating the beginning and the end of the song with the sacrilegious song in between.

But the ice in the cake is Nekromanteion and why the fuck this band ISN’T recognized by brutal headbangers worldwide? They sound like a mix of Blasphemy, Morbosidad and Satanic Bloodspraying, what a fucking brutal sound!!!

Well sadly this EP is really short clocking at 11 minutes and, as always happens with the releases of Iron Bonehead it leaves a need to get more and more material from those bands. Excellent EP!!! For DIE-HARDS ONLY!!!!!!!!! Poseurs BACK OFF!

(Daniel Death)


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