Sargeist – Feeding the Crawling Shadows – (W.T.C.Productions)

The Infernal Outcome of Truest BM from The North

Okay, some shall say REAL black metal is dead. No it isn’t! It’s just hiding itself in places as far as Finland.

Those who are fans of the quality bands that Finland has been throwing to the word are no strangers to the sacred name of Sargeist (if you don’t know them, you’re really in debt with the style). Like their countryfellows (Horna, Behexen, Satanic Warmaster) they showcase gruff stuff, yet, skilled Black Metal.

Almost 50 minutes of Infernal assault the album starts with the title track and its noisome axework that throws the listener straight though the inferno of fierce destruction.

In Charnel Dreams and Unto the Dead Temple keep on castigating the hellbangers with craggy soundscapes of bleak textures.

 But I can say that the things turn into astringent proportions in the track The Shunned Angel whose sound and production muffle the senses. It’s not boring, it’s perfect, but one gets used once the framework is set.

Inside the Demons Maze keeps the very same idea and the nasty atmospheric is a demonic feast and I like to imagine that hell is like that when I die. Heheheh

Kingdom Below has a more common approach, not exactly a filler, but with the traditional hardcore drumming and some breaks.

Funerary Descent closes the opvs with a real grandiose and pompous atmosphere of Black Metal victory over the idiotic servants of “Christ”! Hail!

 Feeding the Crawling Shadows is excellent work that fulfills the expectative of Sargeist audience. The band continues on their crusade to keep the real flame of Black Metal alive and that’s why posers don’t like them and real headbangers of satanic persuasion will continue to praise them as one of the greatest diabolic acts!

(Daniel Death)

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