Vornth – Vornth (Iron Tyrant)

Playing the old school Swedish game…


Vornth is a band from Sweden that resembles a lot other Swedish acts like Nifelheim and international ones like Midnight or Vulcano for example. Being subpar to them is no problem since all old metal seems to be an influence to them.

But although their sound is (initially) cool and (old school) they make a strange salad of Traditional Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal that does not work all the time.

For example, after the Iron Maiden-esque intro, the song Evil Blood secure to their fold satanic and brutal sensations with their Living Death/Exciter approach. It’s really dead on and brutal.

Rapid Death is even more brutal putting a dose of old Slayer and raising the bar of velocity and aggression.

Rip Rip Rip go a step behind with a strange approach of Japanese metal, just like an all out imitation of Metalucifer. Even the Japanese accent is emulated.

Darkness and Steel sees the band returning to their speed/thrash, but this time they sounds like Voivod, a little bit confusing. It’s never bad to emulate Voivod but what is bad is that the CD has no clear direction up to this point.

So, they try to make a ballad as good as Accept. I mean Accept is good in making rapid songs not ballads… It’s a big fiasco, but one can only hope it’s an intro to the next song Metal Skies which, thanks Satan, it is…

At this point, the band starts to wear out their welcome. The songs are not as catchy as the beginning of the disc and everything thenceforth is made to complete gaps and to be a filler. It’s the kind of decision young bands always have when they are making their first album: “well maybe we aren’t going to record anything else, so let’s put all our material in the album”.

This decision costs the listener 58 minutes of ups and downs…

Axemurder is virtually the last number to gain attention of hellbangers… Fast, sounding like a furious Venom in their heyday. Be that as it may, the song has unjustified 7 minutes… okay then.

That’s when the tentative to return to trad metal causes embarrassment for the deadpan attitude to ape the past in all possible ways. The 5-minute Death’s Horse sounds like a bad new wave of what the fuck heavy metal. I mean they could be winners doing only ONE kind of speed metal but they decided to go to some b-side heavy metal way that they are not good in doing so.

Last song Grave of the Living is even worst: a snail paced 8-minute song boring to the bone. Pretense Epic Heavy metal in a Manilla Road/Heavy Load way. You want to be the producer and say to these guys: “please, could you not?” The vocals are, eh… terrible…

This first full length of Vornth brings a great lesson to the band: they are excellent doing speed metal but they are subpar doing trad metal, and mix the styles only to show 1980’s dexterity is a mistake. I hope they see that and fix these errors, honing their skills in what they are good: fast and unrelenting speed metal: I’m FUCKING sure that oldschoolers will LOVE them. Myself included…

(Daniel Death)


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