Strafk – Phaseshifting (Wraith Productions)

Mysterious Experimental Black Rock.

The arcane duo from Russia presents us their debut EP called Phaseshifting: one of the most Delphic releases of 2014 for sure.

The EP is subdivided into 4 phases:

Phase I – (Void)Stare: a noisy approach to the black rock with a unusual mix and a nonexistent mastering. The guitars are high pitched and the vocals are sunken in the final mix. The sound is very alike thrash but it could be death or even black. Or it could be none.

Phase II – Inner Distortion: inner guitars distortion distorts the whole thing, and this one is more casual black rock with the drumming sounding louder than the other instruments, as a improvisation, very interesting music but a bit “free jazz” in essence.

Phase III – Death and Decay of Your Identity: With a packed rhythmic session and a repetitive riff this one represents death… I could say it represents decay… I could say even more: It’s your identity which is obliterated in this odd sound. The iteration gives some sense of direction into the labyrinth towards the chasm of nothingness.

Phase IV – The New Embodiment: this is the final phase and of course the most interesting of them all: a dark ambient/noise sound, very high pitched it hurts, some pulses lost into the void, but completely understandable in its nonsensical trip. It has a lot of effects to satisfy eardrums avid for original sounds from the other side.

This EP is an ode to oddity. If you think planet earth is blue (and there’s nothing you could do) this is totally for you. I’ve got my share of noise arcane experimental sound with this reliable release. I do think you should get yours.

 Phaseshifting is going to be released on May 13th on Wraith Productions.

(Daniel Death)

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Neglektum – Blasphemer (Goathorned Productions)

Swedish Melodic Black Tradition

Neglektum is a relatively new Black Metal band from Sweden and their sound is very similar to the likes of Lord Belial and Naglfar.

The opener, title track, is an epic journey through the satanic aeons of hate and desolation. Although kinda simple in construction the track has a lot of (long) phrases and it’s very progressive in nature remembering the old structures of a band like Setherial but with less velocity and condensed on variations.

Infernal Declaration of Hate is the continuation of this modus operandi but with half of time.

While Begotted Son (Forgotten) is not so different from the first two tracks, the next called Salvation is a beautiful interlude of acoustic guitars taking the listener to a mystical trip through the ages unknown.

Babalon has the purest black metal riffs and an outstanding cadence making it the traditional of traditional: no gimmicks here brother! Just straight Black Fucking Metal Kvlt. The next track Death’s curse follows the very same gestalt but this time the highlight is the vocals and the melody (what people nowadays are calling “atmospheric”) behind the satanic work.

Last opus Dies Irae is subdivided in two parts: the first one in a short prelude made in a piano. The Second part is pure satanic Nordic attack. As I said before, the quality is overwhelming even if the band has no high profile technical skills. Eventually this is going to change in the near future, but they got to make excellent music with the weapons they had.

This album is a superior is a treatise to the occult and dark arts. Excellent release!


Blasphemer is out now on Goathorned Productions

(Daniel Death)

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Floor – Oblation (Season of Mist)

The American cult of Stoner Doom is back with a cult album!

Although Floor being virtually active since 1992 recording a lot of EP’s and two albums they called it quits some ten years ago but reunited in 2010. Their releases alleged have a cult following worldwide and they decided to release a new album now.

They dropped the bass in favor of twin down-tuned guitars to give the doomish effect the band has.

Oblation consists in 14 songs of pure stoner desolation, and while they are from Florida and of course, have some strange “British” post-rock vocals and Southern sounds, they are indeed very heavy metal remembering acts like Pentagram, and Saint Vitus and why not saying Cathedral and Witchfinder General?

The songs are kind of short for the style they make and it is an advantage because even being snail paced, the CD retains the quality of surprise and the songs are always rotating.

For example between the first track Oblation and third track Trick Scene, the vocals of Anthony Vialon change substantially from post-punk laments to Ozzy-esque voice. He is the highlight of the album: in the song Find Away he sings as if he’s in the halfway in the timemachine directly to 1970’s. The bassless rhythm session secures him the right structure in his quest to the unexplored world of southern heavy-psych music.

The Key is a 46 seconds trip into pure heavy metal. Crazy!

But the best song is War Party with his remarkable vocals… One may not like the way he sings, but this song will be into your mind for a long time.

Sign of Aeth is a heavy trip into the organic sound of stoner desert metal!

Floor and its Oblation are surprisingly good and different from the other bands of the style in the way they build their blitzkrieg of psychedelic sounds. This album is set to become another cult between their followers.

Oblation is out now on Season of Mist.

(Daniel Death)

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High Spirits – You Are Here (CD, LP) – Hells Headbangers

… and the full lengthy is here!

If you lost my review of the EP released by High Spirits last month click here to read about it… and still I think it sounds a lot of Saxon. They are the most honest new band to make an old Heavy Metal sound.

When The Light Goes Down is the perfect opening, upbeat, simple, with dead on metallic riffs, a meager (but not mediocre) production, and  heaviness!!! This is no delusion! This is the real deal.

I Need Your Love has a delicious riff and a bassline to add the proper weight that the music asks for. This is a new gargantuan heavy/hard classic for those who love sticky choruses.

Talking about classics, another remarkable song is The Last Night. Man this is the perfect true heavy metal number, I wonder what Mr. Chris Black listens to get his influence, but I can say without mistake that he hears a lot of Picture, Chariot, Oz, Heavy Load and a plenty of classics of the past. The soloing is a high pitched ode to spandex, when virtuosos got theirs axes and put them in the air.

The voice on Can You Hear Me and the construction of the lyrics, although simplistic, gives me goosebumps because it’s so genuine that it gets you at the drop of a hat!

My other fave is Gone to Pieces with a exceptional vocal line and a packed rhythm guitar. Man nothing is really new here: THAT’S THE POINT.

To close the Cd we have High Spirits which I commented on the other review, a striking number.

You Are Here is an album that will impress you, mainly if you really know what Heavy Metal really means… posers can listen to anything else…. Nobody cares anyway!


You Are Here is going to be released on May 13th on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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Judas Priest sets the release of new album for July: NEW TRACK AVAILABLE ONLINE!

Unleashing the Priest: Free song, art and album dates.

Heavy Metal greatest legends Judas Priest release the date of their new album Redeemer of Souls for July 15th (through Epic Records) and July 16th (through Columbia Records). The most important is that the art and the title track were also released and are available for free streaming on Youtube:

This is the cover art! What are you thoughts about it all? Please, share it on our Facebook page:


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DIOCLETIAN, MANTICORE, DESOLATE and WITCHKING are joining forces under the satanic blessings of Signature Riff to play a gig next May 29th (Thursday) in Rhode Island. The event will gather together 4 of the world’s most lethal acts in Providence, Rhode Island, in a venue called Dusk (301 Harris Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02909, look here for the map). If you are in the Northeast of US by this time DON’T LOSE THIS FUCKING GIG! 

The official page of the event can be found on Facebook:

Be there at 9 pm, only 10 bucks! 

Following the official poster: 


(Daniel Death)

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Hans Fyrste quits Ragnarok

Norwegian band Ragnarok amicably part ways with vocalist Hans Fyrste due to his job schedule which is affecting touring with the band. Jontho, founding member and drummer of the band says in a statement: 

“After 20 years, you come to expect these things as an inevitable part of being in a band. Sooner or later, there comes a time when all musicians must take a hard look at their lives and take decisions based on family and work commitments. Hans Fyrste felt that he could not give the amount of dedication that RAGNAROK asks of its members, and that it would be fairer all round to call it a day, and that is very much to his credit. He has been a real asset to the band. We have watched him grow over the years to become a great frontman, and we wish him all the best for the future.”


(Daniel Death)

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