Black Vul Destruktor + Et Verbi Sathanus – Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse (Blood Harvest)

Implacable Demonic Split!

This pure blood satanic split contains two behemoths of South America underground and demoniac death/black attack from beyond!

Fisrt band, Black vul Destruktor hails from Argentina with the much desirable South American infernal steel. This band is an amalgamation of Blasphemy, Morbosidad and Sarcófago and their first track Sword of Luciferian Light is an inexorable storm of riffs and fast tempos, with raw quality and a “fuck-you-all-poseurs” attitude.  Noisome and warlike this band will become a favorite of mine, for the nature of their sound and their attitude towards it.

Second song Void of Darkness is even more unremitting, and showcases intransigent passages but always keeping the BPM on high and the production low profile, because it’s the way that it is and newcomers can fuck off.

Et Verbi Sathanus is a Chilean act that has been active in South American underground music since de beginning of 2000’s with this moniker. They’ve released a bunch of demos, some splits and a full length (last year) but it seems they are unknown to the greater audience: GOOD! Because this is not for virgin ears to Black Death tyrannical assault.

Holocaust in Paradise seems to live up to its title, such vengeful cruelty oozes from the speaker. Over again this band is an inbreeding of Blasphemy and Morbosidad but to add more insult to injury, you can mix Proclamation, Beherit and Sextrash in the concoction. The drumming blots out everything in sight.

The military pace of Gehinnon impairs the victims who dare to cross Et Verbi Sathanus way! No compromise! No fucking quarter!

This split is a singular case of how two nuclear stockpiles put together can erase the humanity. Perfect opus!

(Daniel Death)

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