Ceremonial (Chile) – Ars Magicka 7″ EP – (Blood Harvest)

South American Nuclear Kommando.

Looking at the flowing of good nuclear music we ask ourselves why South America leads the rankings. Well I have no serious statistic behind me only what I hear coming from this particular region of globe. Maybe it is the influence of Brazilian Sarcófago, or even earlier Sepultura but that doesn’t explain all since Brazilians adopted a different direction (exception are made OF COURSE).

Well, hailing from Chile, Ceremonial is the kind of thrash metal the leaves Scandinavians in awe. Insomuch that Swedish Blood Harvest signed with them (this is the not the first time).

Ceremonial music ranges from putrid blackened thrash speed metal to blackened death metal and give traditional bands a run for their money.

This EP Ars Magicka comes after two demos and clocks at 13 minutes with 4 songs only, with Cloud Upon the Sanctuary being the first of them… Fast thrash metal, filth production, very raw and noisy elements, marks this song… An inaudible solo in the distant background may occur.  It sounds like Nifelheim and Gehennah! Great fucking number dude! Simply superb.

The second songs A.R.C. clangs to a clumsy kind of death metal and this time one can hear the solos. It’s very brutal and ferocious. The drumming is totally old school, but over again in a Sarcófago/Carcass way. Thrash incursion may occur but the phrases in this one are really short and if was not for the deliberately putrid production one might say they were trying to enter in the technical death metal field. But, whereas their production is minimal, one can understand the parts and they are not mediocre musicians. They have technical background to do the quality noise they do.

i the third number is even more evil and cursed than the other songs, going out the field of Nifelheim/Bestial Mockery and going straight to Blasphemophagher/Proclamation ground. It also remembers the heyday of Sarcófago and Sextrash. Some thrash foray goes from putrid death to metal punk of Discharge, it’s really crass and curious.

The last song Tribulation brings nothing new, and who wants to hear something incongruent when the other songs are so excellent. They simply stick to their satanic nuclear guns.

People use to look to Europe or North America and even Asia for their nuclear stockpiles of music. But this is the time that such remote places like Australia and South America to show their guns to the world. Ceremonial is the proof that quality music is being made in this corner of the world and not many people are paying attention… well, bad for the band… GOOD for us cultists who stay with the best part of the boot and bounty!

(Daniel Death)


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