Chapel (Canada) – Satan’s Rock N Roll LP (Invictus Productions)

One of the best surprises of 2014!

Chapel is a ordinary name that brings nothing to mind. Maybe “Hauting the Chapel” from Slayer. But honestly how could somebody trust you if you say, “man Chapel released a great CD this year” Unimaginable .

But it is exactly what I’m declaring: this CD is second to none: Mixing the sound of Booze drinkers CHROME DIVISION with the Motorhead/old-Bathory and some Venom in the compound and you’ll have the Canadian band Chapel: a behemoth Blackened/Thrash band that is simply great.

Satanic as they can be, maybe the first song Rock N Roll From Hell  and even its title sound naïve and really, although it’s a great song that doesn’t ring any bells at least at the first spin when you  have no idea what Chapel is in… The song is great but you WON’T notice that after listen to the entire album.

Nocturnal Blasphemy starts to ring some bells when the sound of Nifelheim + Bestial Mockery starts to resound in the forefront and you start to get excited by their sound SATANIC sound.

Satan’s Rock n Roll and Hell breaks Loose keep the stakes on high but it is in the Satanic song ALCOHOLOCAUST that they show their true colors: brutal thrash metal in the vein of Genhenah (Sweden) and Desaster plus Destroyer 666. The song is a regular old school thrash but when it explodes in: “DRINK TO THE POWER OF SATAN’S MIGHT” you really know that serious thrash assault is undergoing.

There are lots of staples for the alcoholic headbanger like Blood Will Be Spilled and Satanist, but is on the next track Motorcult that the KVLT of Motörhead+Bathory is showed off. Although naturally the songs goes in the Motörhead way (thereof its title) the subsequent riffs goes in the song WAR of BATHORY. If you’re a fan like me since the age of old and listened to this song more than one thousand times, than you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s impossible to say WAR without the riff in your mind! So it’s impossible to hear Motorcult with the same feeling.

Last song, Hellrazors has a badass name as a badass sound!

Chapel is the epitome of blackened thrash metal with bulks of satanic vs. alcoholic hints. It’s really original in a sense that they try to bring rock n roll and wind up with a thrash metal. Totally recommended!

(Daniel Death)

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