Fuoco Fatuo – The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains (Iron Tyrant)

Italian Funeral Doom.


Fuoco Fatuo (not to be confused with the other Italian band with the same name) does the traditional funeral doom with turns of sludge and even some drone.

Formed in 2011 by members of Funest and Iron Darkness, they have two Ep’s and a split with Black Temple Below.

I honestly don’t know many Funeral Doom bands hailing from Italy, but Fuoco Fatuo seems to be a cornerstone for new comers of this style in this country like me.

They sound like an inbreed Skeptcism and Deinonychus and some other bands like Mournful Congregation, Profetus, Thergothon and last but not least NORTT.

As a matter of fact although they brag their sludge pedigree like Eyehategod, Acid Bath and other American “gooey” bands – and they indeed have a little scent of it in their music – they sound more like Blackened Doom Metal. So if you are not keen to American Southern sound DON’T run to the hills: they are 90% European.

That been said, the CD has only 5 long tracks beginning with the epic Ancestral Devouring Anxiety clocking at 12 minutes of pure despondent music. Variations may occur, but only ears trained to this kind of music must perceive them in the curse of the tune. Imagine a progressive funeral doom. You got the picture!

Junipers of Black Iridescence continues the orgy of mournful despair, only to give some space to pure Black Metal attack showing their true color: PITCHED-BLACK. The song returns to its moody sound and the black metal returns again. It’s a little masterpiece. Loaded soloing takes place.

The other highlight is the final track Requiem for Nulun, containing a more accented hissing backdrop and drumming at a very low BPM. The guttural vocals slime everything in sight and this is where the sort of sludge may occur but again more in Finnish than American way. The spacing between phrases is dramatically increased in this song.

Fuoco Fatuo is a band that showcases pure and real stuff and delivers what they promise. Soon they will become a staple for Funeral Doom Metallers worldwide and they may gain fans even in the field of DSBM. A great album!

(Daniel Death)

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