Solstice (UK) – Death’s Crown is Victory – (Into the Void Records)

When Bathory encounter Black Sabbath: it’s a win/win situation.

Solstice is been a while for sometime. Since 1990 to be more exact but they only produced demos along that decade and two full lengths and kept a low profile in the next decade.

It’s unclear if they folded somewhere, but they are back with a killer, outlandish and outstanding EP called Death’s Crown is Victory containing 4 tracks.

The first track christened Fortress England is a very Sabbath-esque 3-minute intro.

Next track is the tits: I Am The Hunter brings back all the glory days of Bathory from the Blood on Ice era with the doomish sound in the background and the emotional voice of Paul Kearns. The song is 9 minutes long and it’s not intended to appeal to fans of doom metal only. This has a powerful call between people who hears Black Metal and Folk Metal as well.

It’s a win/win situation, there’s nothing let to chance!

Title track Death’s Crown Is Victory continues with this inflexible gestalt and another 9-minute song is delivered with the very same characteristics of the previous one. A strong emotional mixture of Bathory and Manowar, now tell me: is that something more epic than that? They give a run for the money to bands like Grand Magus and Atlantean Kodex, seriously. Falkenbach couldn’t create such a strong hymn either. This is seriously EPIC!

Last track that works as an outro navigates through the quiet waters of Black Sabbath once again and then the magic is done!

This is the kind of music that takes us by surprise. Pharaonic sounds to bolster the day of those romantics who want a perfect excuse for escapism from the everyday life. Totally ace!


(Daniel Death)

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