Stilla – Ensamhetens Andar – (Nordvis Produktion)

Svenskar thoroughness arias.

Stilla is a new member of the traditional black metal pantheon and after releasing Till stilla falla full length last year, they’re back with full inspiration to show that they are not just comers.

The most special thing about this crooked rhapsody is that they appeals specially to fans of traditional music from Sweden like Lord Belial,  Mörk Gryning, Setherial and to some extent to Marduk, Dark Funeral and Watain.

They aren’t simply copycats; they just follow the tradition which is their metallic blood, without effort.

Songs like Vandring utan spar and Ensamhetens andar sets the pace and the album gain traction and flaunt tradition with every passage, being melodic or fast. It’s very old school indeed.

Till slutet and its careful production it’s the perfect vertex where the true colors of their gestalt are showed in earnest: an epic 7 –minute song that delivers the evil without appeal to anything else than melodic approach. That’s the perfect point when Swedish kind of music differs heaps from their neighbors, the Norwegians.

Själavrängaren is more aggressive with fast pacing drumming and malevolent passion while the next track called Hjärta av sten is kinda the same thing but with more gusto and precising drumming and powercords delivered squarely by these top-notch musicians.

Tillägnan is absurdly baleful with some acoustic chords on the backdrop and intricate riffs that throws the listener back to the Black Metal heydays.

Closer Skuggornas dop is an interesting track to say at least. Remember my non-Norwegian pseudo-rant at the beginning of this review? Well in this number they seem to buckle under the Burzumic spell, but that’s for the first half of the music. The second part abruptly changes course, delivering the most pure Black Metal, mainly of Setherial’s Nord.

If not innovative and breakthrough, Ensamhetens Andar at least has the merit to keep the tradition of older Black Metal skalds alive: in a world that is changing alliances every 5 minutes, and fashion is the order, these cats are die hards and deserve total esteem.

(Daniel Death)


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