Woland – Hyperion – (Indie Recordings)

Modern, post or Black Metal?


There is a confusion of information in the press release of this Finnish band that says Woland is a modern post-Black Metal band. Whatever that means.

Actually when I gave it a first spin it’s not as bad as it infers. De facto the label “modern” is kinda correct but the post Black Metal would draw the conclusion that the band is like Alcest or WITTR which they are (THANKS SATAN) not!

But they are indeed avant-garde, and if labels work here they are an industrial black metal band with hints of thrash like a concoction of Aborym, The Amenta, Fear Factory, Legion of the Damned and Lord Belial. Yeah I know it sounds crazy… blame them!

Conquer All and Art of Ascencion are pure industrial vibe, with black metal riffs and repetitive phrases.

Living Water is a way more interesting albeit bringing the very same formula, they put some Spanish/Flamenco guitar and solos are highly aural. This music is spatial trip into the future.

But the true highlight of the album is a song called Extasy and Rapture that, again maintain the modus operandi, but it’s more upbeat and it transforms itself in a high technical piece, with changes of tempo displaying the true skillfulness of the musicians not being subpar to bands like Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth or Hate… What a demented piece of music! Members JC – Bass, CHCl3 – Drums and  LXIV (guitars) really have their moment in this part of CD. W, the vocalist also delivers a stirring of Black and Thrash bellows. They all use acronyms, but W is Peik Mattheiszen known for his work in Cavus.

Honey in the Lion is a strange interlude with a sad piano, just to open space to the track Live Forever and its first part does make use of drop guitar tunings, borrowed for the (ludicrous) metalcore bands. But don’t get me wrong this one sounds very good here then a piano a la Emerson Lake and Palmer (????) enters out of the blue and the black metal cadence is back again and it gives space to an obscure bassline. An innovative song to say at least!

Hyperion is a good CD of an ascending band. The elements do sound confusing sometimes, but they dexterously put them together and the result is not subpar. I wonder what they will bring next. Please let me know!

(Daniel Death)

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