Acheron – Kult des Hasses – (Listenable Records)

The first album after the comeback!

In May 2010 for the sadness of die hard fans, Acheron, the American institution of Black Death metal called it quits. But in December of the same year they announced for the happiness of metallic world that they were coming back!

But after more than 3 years not a single release. Now the silence is being broken with – Kult des Hasses!

Their sound is really faster than the days of yore. But the invocations to the almighty Satan are all there.

Kyle Severn is possessed by thousands of demons this time and Vincent Crowley sings with an extreme despise against God…

First song Daemonum Lux has this exact framework but it is in the second track called Satan Holds Dominion that we have a new classic of old school death metal here.”Hear us, See us, Face us, fear us” are the hooks of this satanic quintessential song.

Raptured to Divine Perversion brings the great solos of Art Taylor, and this guy brings forth with his licks, every occult meaning transliterated into musical notes.

Misantropic Race brings syncopated drums, and invocative vibes. It’s very American, I mean, it’s not “core” bullshit but rather a traditional approach to what blackened death metal really is.

The alacrity of Asphyxiation (Hands of God) is really unmatched for the youth of today who make music. Even with 25 years of history they still sound fresh!

The possession of Kyle Severn is complete when he starts castigating his drum kit in the last track Devil’s Black Blood, a number of obscure and demoniac rock n roll, damn, what a fucking good song… wow, I’m almost in tears here, this one is the icing in the cake. Nuff said!!!!!!!!!

Acheron is a band that will never wear out their welcome. This is just the other way around: their legacy of excellent albums isn’t going to mar their name and their tradition because they live for the noblest of the causes: HAIL SATAN!


(Daniel Death)

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