Ævangelist – De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis DLP (Blood Harvest)

Eerie sensations from Oregon.


Ævangelist is the American Portal and that’s for sure. Eerie sound atmospheres created to bewilder the listener and to elude musical phrases like liquid hydrogen.

Everything here is very heavy and ominous like a coming huge tropical storm.

The 10-minute song Anno Mortii – Gnostic Transcenden, has layers upon layers of vortex sonic assaults, complicated rhythms, exploding in a brutal death metal onslught like Antediluvian for instance.

Other highlight is Death Illumination that starts out with bellows from the forgotten abyss with a bassline taken from a 50-horror movie, and the velocity of bands like Pseudogod and Blasphemy. It’s a pure total holocaustructure of inauspicious upcoming disaster.

The great bulk of the tracks are alike but some detach themselves like the closer Crematorium Angelicum which curiously is not so heavy, it has a more intimate approach. I mean the guitars of beyond are there but not with the same thirsty for blood. It’s a song that opens space to more atmospheric approaching and experimental music with reptile vocalizations and a keyboard that aims for the stars like an invocation to the old Gods that once visited the planet Earth!

But my absolute favorite is Hierophant Disposal Facility that brings a repetitive vortex that sounds confusing, martial and experimental at the same time boasting the portentous metaphysics in the sound of Ævangelist: Waves of invocative spirits in a waste Babylonic location or an abandoned haunted factory to bring forth the catastrophic gods from the earth nucleus while they awake from their millennial sleep to unleash their satanic fury upon the human race. The final act of the song puts some electronic drumming for the evocative effect.

 De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis was originally released in 2012, but now it is gaining a exclusive double LP treatment from Blood Harvest! Get yours now! It’s worthy!

(Daniel Death)

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