Blitzkrieg Baby – Kids’ World EP (Beläten)

The Elite of Martial/Dark Ambient from Norway!


When my friend Kim Solve put out his first Blitzkrieg Baby album in 2012 I was totally hooked. I’ve never heard such a symphony of Dark Ambient and Martial such as Leibach, NON, SPK, Nordvargr, Lustmord and Atrium Carceri.

I even created a particular dark ambient project called Aldfrith totally inspirited by Blitzkrieg Baby in 2013 and of course by the names aforementioned.

But while Kim and his cohorts were ironing out their songs, the result came two years later in the form of the definitive EP Kid’s World.

Kind of abandoning the adrift sound of the first album, this time around the sound is more resolute and totalitarian marching through the fields of ARDITI.

First song Kid’s World has a bold and repetitive beat uttering “Kid’s World, we are your family now, we teach you how to kill.” It’s foreboding to say at least!

Loop is the one who has some traces of Dark Ambient, but its repetitive vibe leaves no doubt that there is something very military occurring in the backdrop.

The Swine Supremacy is the third installment of this demented opus, with a flat vocal like: “pig insignia/ systematic rape/depudic violence/ systematic warfare/sex tourism/ cum hole enterprise / gunpoint ejaculation /mass delusion….” This is a maniac work and it only adds insult to injury which in this case is second to none.

 Those They Could Not Fuck, They Kill, is a number of iteration, a drumming in the forefront and some trippy FX in the background.

Broken Child brings some post punk vocalizations while the eerie industrial sound bolster the things to the gills.

Incinerator Symphony No 1 is even weirder with this experimentation on high ostinato without voices.

This new Blitzkieg Baby EP will, for sure, lay the foundations of the modern type of martial/ambient music such is the degree of creativity and full scale capacity. A fixture in my collection and one of my absolute faves of 2014!

(Daniel Death)

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