Insain – Enlightening the Unknown (Kaotoxin Records)

Defunct band releases new album!



Insain, Parisian Death Metal, unfortunately is no more. Even with the band split up, Kaotoxin is releasing their last effort, the gargantuan brutal grind/death destructive metal Enlightening the Unknown.

This CD was produced in the same studio of Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse and it contains QUALITY.

Damnit, this is brutal beyond control, no rest between the tracks no breaks, only infuriating blast beats and infernal guitars from beyond.

This disc has only 7 tracks clocking at 24 minutes.

The first track is a useless intro, but when Absorbing The Masse comes, it’s tearing everything apart.  Well I confess that by the first spin I didn’t like the vocals very much, that brings his influence from the “core” bands, and I based my views on this biased spectrum. But as the songs go further, I started to understand that the vocals and sound alike are flat, and this is exactly the effect the band wants in order to give lashes upon lashes of ignorant songs.

The dementia never stops and The Faceless One brings more destructive music into the fold. It’s like a satanic steamroller made to annihilate the life on Earth with no piety.

Beyond The Stellar Remnants just put more fire into this crescendo of inhuman death metal machine, severing the heads of headbangers off!!!!! I mean the BPM is so fast and the band was so packed in the moment of the recordings that everything they wanted was to vaporize the fucking human race!

The Scourge is another sample of unrestrained derangement razing the reason and pushing the envelope with lots of fast drumming and insane guitar flicks.

The Scourge lives up to its name and Enlightening The Unknown make buildings collapse.

When all is said and done, Apex is the last nail in the coffin, crushing dead human bones and mincing those who are still alive begging for a mercy killing.

Insain is a very underrated band, and I do hope that they become classics because it’s not everyday that we can hear this amount of destructive madness!!!

(Daniel Death)

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