Kayser – Read Your Enemy – (Listenable Records)

Yay or Nay: we have a tie here


Kayser from Sweden claims to be thrash metal and absolutely no, they aren’t. They are a groove metal band inspired by Pantera mixed with hard heavy of Primal Fear and Accept.

But what’s the problem with bad propaganda? It’s that you expect something that is not going to happen like Slayer kicking ass, or Sodom firing at will…

Okay, this is a strange and typical case of ups and downs. The ups are really ups and the downs are really BORING.

First track Bark and Bow is just a fake number of boring music. I mean, it’s groovy and that’s exactly the problem! Not good for an opener.

However in the second track the speed metal comes ripping with ultra violent Bring Out the Clown, what a good music: fast with heaviest riffs ever, beefy sound drumming flak attack.

The next track is I’ll Deny You: a nay: Insipid hard rock with modern approach…. Where can I throw up? Other tracks like Where I Belong brings that horrible hard rock feeling with the terrible voice trying to emulate Danko Jones.

Okay don’t stop reading now: what’s good in this album then?

Dreams Bent Clockwise brings back the sentiment of pure heavy metal, although modern, this song is a heavy number and even the vocals Christian “Spice” Sjöstrand are adjusted in this song. Riffs abound and the drumming is to the point.

It has even a twin song here called Carve the Stone that if it isn’t anything original, it doesn’t dent the integrity of this good song either. There is a highly technical solo that makes me put my hands in the air… rock n roll baby!

Read Your Enemy is like Mpire of Evil. Heavy Metal guaranteed! But this time our friend Sjöstrand fails in delivering a pure-blood heavy metal vocal, appealing to that irritating “metalcore” way of singing…

He Knows Your Secrets  is a serious candidate of the best hard/heavy song of the year. This one aims, fire and kills the pigeon. The drumming of Bob Ruben is PERFECT! What a song.

Penultimate song Roll the Dice is another anthemic number with muscular guitar riffs and headbanging rhythm.

Okay so now the verdict: Read you Enemy by Kaiser is a case where (maybe) several people compose one piece, like in a “democratic” band. It’s clearly that the guy who wrote the brutal Bring Out the Clown was not the same who wrote The Fake Rose. Plus the band suffers what one might say a myriad of influences. While the musicians are top-notch and there’s no doubt about that they try to keep up-to-date to the modern metal: no good. However they are great musicians and (sometimes) great composers after all. So they have my vote.


(Daniel Death)

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