Shroud of the Heretic – Revelations in Alchemy LP – (Blood Harvest)

Oregon’s finest satanic Death Metal

This American band is the dream of every cultist out there: Heavy, filthy, brutal, abrupt and disgraceful.

This is their second release followed by an EP in 2012, and their first full length.

The sound is a spiral of nightmarish death metal, not for tach savvies and mathcore idiots out there: this is pure metal in the almighty name of SATAN!

The Arrival is the archetype of this kind of sound: analog, hissing and distorted. Like in the old days of death metal with some Autopsy/Cyanide riffages, but much more savage in nature, like an (OLD) Morbid Angel with the production of (OLDEST) Sepultura.

The songs are really fast as in the second track Heretical Screams. The vocals are a mix of roar and guttural. One can really believe that the philosophy behind the lyrics is something like AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHH, UGHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHH! Poetry on its best. The mega distorted and macabre guitars are something that is taken from the most obscure B-movies out there.

After two knocks, the song Chaotic Astral Ascension begins… Now just think what a “chaotic astral ascension” means and you’ll get the whole picture in front of you… Vortexes of black hole engulfing stuff to the sixth dimension, or to zero dimension, you decide. All I know is that I don’t want to be there. The drumming is really volcanic and everything flares up in front of you like a hand grenade.

Illuminism is an ode to the anti-cosmic cult with this unbridled sound and fury.

Revelations in Alchemy just puts things a little bit more arcane, and that’s very welcome and up to this point the sound is not so different from the first numbers except for a more trad death metal drumming in contrast with sempiternal unmanageable  structure of other songs, in this one the sounds rather alternate.

Blasphemous Rebirth, the last tune brings upon chaos and entropy to the earth. Guitar are very heavy and gruff.

This band is simply excellent, 41 minutes of quality Death Metal and an insight for what is all about like no other band out there… great stuff


(Daniel Death)

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