Acid Witch + Nunslaughter – Spooky (Split 7″) – (Hells Headbangers)

A little goody to hellbangers worldwide! Yay!

After alleged delays in the pressing of this album, this 7” is finally out on Hells Heabangers in a very limited number of copies.

These two leviathans of pure blood American alexandrine death metal join forces and the result was known beforehand: surges of satanic sensations only for cultists.

The psychedelic death metal of Acid Witch opens the work with a middle paced but catchy song named Evil, always delivering good material, making me remember the best moments of Autopsy and Cyanide, although this song in special, has some keyboards and phantasmagoric framework.. But the heaviest and terror-like beefy riffs are there along with a rad solo! Great song!

Then comes NUNSLAUGHTER… Don’t get me wrong but their exaggerated kind of Satanism always crank me up, anyway, I’m a HUGE fan of theirs and this (also) mid-tempo song – Spooky Tails – spews blasphemies all over the place with their always modest however efficient production. The final section of the music showcases a kind of tribal drumming making the song a great terroristic number.

Next track –A Sordid Past is also NUNSLAUGHTER’s… but this time it’s a more traditional approach, dismantling everything in sight. Brutal, satanic, anti-god, anti-fag metal, real deal. Call it what you want, Nunslaughter is not a band to be messed about!

Last nail in the coffin sees Acid Witch again, this time in a full-throttle fast paced death metal called Fiends of Old. No rest for the poseurs. Conjurations from the abyss amid high-pitched solos are on the menu.

The only flaw in this work is that it’s a short 11-minute EP. Fuck, every headbangers deserves more minutes of Nunslaughter and Acid Witch. These bands are the best things in metal scenes in AGES! Few copies available. Get yours, NOW!

(Daniel Death)

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