Hark – Crystalline (Season of Mist)

A trip through space and time


Hark is a Welsh band and after their EP Mythopoeia they are back on the track with their debut Crystalline.

The vocalist Jimbob Isaac spent many years in the band Taint so he’s no newcomer! Like the other musicians he’s seasoned in the musical field.

So Crystalline is not a “tentative” album, it’s a continuation of years inside underground music.

This album is extremely trippy and acid, with jagged riffs all over, courtesy of Mr. Jimbob himself.

For instance, tracks like Hounded by Callous Decree and Sins on Sleeves are oblique rock n roll, and their stoner is more stoned than any other band out there.

But as the track passes, the quality increase, and one is going to get very involved by this powetrio.

For example in the slanted track Breath and Run, music may vary from pure craziness to total hard rock. Seventies is the word of order here.

But this band has the magic in their hands to bring to fore the magic of the past and use the gimmicks of the high-tech production in 2014, so they never sound outdated (although I think that good music from the seventies never gets outdated).

The example can be heard on the track Mythopoeia (the same as the name of their EP)

Scarlet Extremities invites the listener to get the highway and explore new places while in a ferocious voyage upstate. It’s interesting but even been labeled stoner (and they are indeed) they give other rock n roll bands (being thrash, heavy, hard-rock and punk in the same “whiskey and hookers” game) a run for their money.

This is an album to not be messed with. The more the better and give me more Hark please!

(Daniel Death)

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