Neige et Noirceur – Gouffre Onirique et Abîmes Cosmiques – (Sepulchral Productions)

Perfect OSD for your hara-kiri


Neige et Noirceur  are no strangers to the world of DSBM, being a traditional Quebecois band in the mold of Monarque, Grís, Neige Éternelle, Sombres Forêts and others.

This is the kind of the band that you’re already a fan even before listening to the first chords of the CD.

For those who still don’t know them, they’re around since 2005 and – between singles, splits and EP’s –  this is their fourth album following the path of wistful music: extreme pensive yet with a penchant to the original 1990’s Black Metal, especially Burzum of course.

Title track opens the album delivering waves of chilling and pessimistic vibes with the heavy hissing guitars, so characteristic of the style but with a heaviness that won’t alienate people that are out of the inner circle of DSBM.

Future Torture and Écho des Abysses follows suit, keeping the stakes at high, proving that this kind of music offers quality and not only poorly produced music made in a bedroom or overtly produced “shoegaze” fad. This is Black Metal first and foremost!

But for me the highlight is the La Marche des Astres Noirs with a subtle keyboard at the beginning of the song and through the bereaved heavy progressions it always gives atmospheric pulses, occasionally winding up in a dark ambient mode of bulky proportions.

The trilogy La caverne de Glace (The cave of Ice), begins with an all out ambient piece akin to the most crazy works of Brian Eno and his progenies like Lustmord, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri, Raison D’être between others. It’s a crazy voyage into the very depths of netherworld.

Second part continues with almost same vibe but with some spatial ambient.

Third and last part continues this approach but with a narrative in French, and after all is said and done in the field of atmospheric music, the song sets off into a full blown black metal song. The coda sees a return to the eerie atmospheric and quiet sounds.

Gouffre Onirique et Abîmes Cosmiques is an album that will transport the listeners into an introspective voyage to the unknown words of Black a and Dark Ambient music! Gloomy, yet solid in its purpose, it skillfully brings about quality music to depressive headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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