Forteresse/Chasse-Galerie/Monarque/Csejthe – Légendes Double Gatefold 7’’ (Sepulchral Productions)

4-way split from Quebec.

Good Satan! This is not a simple release this is a demonstration of force! I mean we have in our psyches that Quebecois scene does exist, but when you put four gargantuan black metal bands from the very same city you know that tradition does exist in the French part of Canada.

Well, this is a 7 inch double disc, with each band occupying an entire side.

First side goes to Forteresse and its European approach of Black Metal, like an atmospheric Germanic band, but without keyboards…  The sound is ice-cold black metal, sad, wintery and forlorn in the vein of Vinterriket and Paysage D’hiver. Repetitive music for hypnotic minds.

Chasse-Galerie is no strange for those who are inside Black Metal and they do have a scope world wide. But their sound is poorly produced. But this doesn’t take away the glory of their music, although they are the roughest band on the bill.

Ah, Monarque, mon amour! This is a favorite between headbangers that like their metal depressive and frosty!!! Pardon me other Quebecois bands but they are the best. Their song is on spot, and the production is made to suit the metal of the 1990’s, the glory days of Black Metal. It’s simply impeccable: glacial riffs along with unremitting drumming it’s the ideal sound for the coldest nights.

Csejthe is a band with a heavy European accent mainly French, Finnish and Germanic. It’s the most DSBM band of the opus although I think it was not their aim, but the sound it is just what it is. Kind of melodic black metal with spatial feeling and boreal sentiment. The riffs are overtly made to sticky into one’s mind. Great.

This much anticipated 4-way split is just a demonstration of the force, the discography, the talent and the tradition of these four bands. Long live to the “légends”!

(Daniel Death)

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