Beast Within – Adversity/Servitude (Sepulchral Productions)

Excellent 7’’ EP from this Canadian band!


Beast Within (not to be confused with the POSEUR band from Czech Republic) is a Quebecois band with members of Akitsa, Blackwind, Thesyre and Utlagr and this two-song EP is their first work.

This is a tremendous surprise and a great opus indeed remembering the old days (ugh) of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost. As a matter of fact this is a photocopy of those glorious days of the Swiss band of Tom Warrior!

First song Adversity follows the midtempo script changing to a snail pace sound in the chorus for the maximum effect… The guitars are ultra heavy and delicious! The vocalist steals the light with his crude vocals and sticky refrains. Wow.

Second and last song Solitude is the authentic b-side. Although not perfect as the first one, it does not disappoint the listener. They know how to use their flaws in order to win the game: for example, first part of the song is not so gooey, but they put some repetitions and change of tempos in order to get the distracted fan into their malefic old school sound.

It’s a pity that this gem has only 8 minutes and in my humble opinion cannot be listed as one of the best releases of 2014. But if they do release a full length this year, be sure that it won’t be less than MAGNIFICENT!  BRAVO! BRAVÍSSIMO!

(Daniel Death)

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