Cemetery Fog – Shadows From The Cemetery TAPE – (Iron Bonehead)

Doomish Death from Finland.

Let’s put something straight: Finland is well known for peculiar music and scene and this totally death/doom band, Cemetery Fog seems to obey the commando of the old ways of Death Metal.

They use a visual a la Beherit and this is their third tape. No, there will be no fancy CD for poseurs hahaha.

The promo I received has no gap between the songs but they are all alike: 24 minutes of a trip to beyond the cemetery gates.

Production wise, Cemetery Fog is quite frugal, utilizing only minimum skills to produce snail paced music and to deliver quasi-funeral riffs a la Bunkur.

But although it may please underground seekers worldwide, Cemetery Fog has nothing special, and apart of being very obscure, that won’t necessarily secure a great place for them in the world wide underground scenario.

As a new band nobody know their intentions yet, and the modus operandi says that they are very young and this is prolly their first effort as a band.

Actually Shadows From The Cemetery was released last year, but it seems nobody noticed. (They released two more demos) but this one in particular caught the eye of Iron Bonehead.

Well, they are minimal, but they are good. Satanic and obscure underground from Finland always has my vote. Get your copy before it’s too late and the next thing you know, it is that this tape is one of the most precious relics released. I bet they will become a cult in the near future!

(Daniel Death)

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