Messenger – Illusory Blues (Svart Records)

Messenger is a band with sound, borrowed from the Seventies (and even Sixties) mixed with the rock of today.

Not so enticing at first sight, but the creativity pours from every acoustic guitar sound, from every emotional singing and from every trippy sound that defies the idiotic minimal music of today.

Messenger is from England so they are at the top of their games at least geographically.

Illusory Blues is so different and creative that takes some spins to really understand the sound of the group (which is very sui generis)

For example the trek into the angular first songs with changes of tempo throws us back directly in the “peaceful” time of early works of Jefferson Airplane or even Fairport Convention.

The Return causes quite an impression in the listener going from the calm to aggressive like in a live jam of Love or Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Piscean Tide no doubt has some hints of David Bowie and the peaceful chants are like Ulver. They kind of produce a bridge between the past and future with their music bewildering the listener, but their song is utterly pleasant.

There’s also a violin crying notes that lead us to Folk Music.

Dear Departure seems a mixture of Jon Anderson with contemporary music. The middle section is totally experimental flinging us to krautrock such Tangerine Dream. The last part was sure inspired by the Yes’ song Everydays. Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull exert a huge influence in their music as well. The last session of this song is extremely well done with a syncopated drum, it’s perfection.

Midnight bestows a little scent of post punk music encountering folk, it’s a song to sore ears for sure.

All in all Illusory Blues is a album for those who seek frame of mind to wake up old and cold and perceive that rock isn’t exactly what it is supposed to be in these days of poor music. They bring back the hope that music can be modern and creative without being sell-out. Kudos for this great album!

(Daniel Death)

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