Ormgård – Ormblot CD (Forever Plagued)

The reissue of the classic of Swedish anti cosmic kvlt!

The anti-cosmic kvlt of Germanic Heathenism of Ormgård is being released on first time on CD via Forever Plagued. The original demo was released in 2011.

This is a classic in every aspect: pure blood raw Black in the vein of Moonblood, so if you’re a die hard this is a mandatory item in your collection.

The title track which opens the CD is a metaphysical atmospheric tune with keyboards a la Vinterriket.

Hugsad is very rough and the harsh vocals of Orm (who does ALMOST everything apart from the very obscure rhythm session drummer called Γ – yes it’s everything about this guy) brings the pure underground harsh steel to the fold. This is the type of the song which makes me believe that Black Metal has its essence intact with bands like Ormgård!!!

A sample of the symbiosis between the keyboard-oriented music with the harshest production is the song Ohelgat Blot. This is not “melodic”. This is flawless underground onslaught.

Dödskröning is totally atmospheric, black ambient sound who makes me want for more! So obscure in its blacker than darkness approach while Av Svartkonst & Fördärv comes back with the bleakest metal ever!!!!! Arrgghhhh!!! Pure steel in all senses.

This is your chance to put your hands in this little classic of underground proportions. Ormgård is a force to reckon with!!!!


(Daniel Death)

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