Septuagint – Negative Void Trinity MCD (Forever Plague)

Greek Black Metal

Formed under the name of Declaration:Holocaust, this Greek band changed their name to the current one and Septuagint is finally debuting with their first album EP

What is curious is the name of the band that is something like the oldest translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew to Greek, and that leaves their allegiances a little bit obscure.

I don’t think this is the classic and idiotic case of “Unblack Metal” (fuck off!!!). Since I don’t have the lyrics to the songs I won’t say a word about their true or false obedience.

But the sound is a flat black metal with hints of Dark Funeral and it’s very pleasant although a little bit amateur at the first moment.

Despite of the band being alive for some time, they don’t have enough tradition to escape some pitfalls like the lackluster flat sound that infers dissimilarity to listener at the very first moment.

But the rhythmic session is on spot, and with the ever fastest drumming, sending shards of caustic music everywhere and there’s no interval between the carnage.

This is very good for a first effort and although far from being the best extreme album of the season, it has its moments, and let’s hope Septuagint shows their sympathy for the dark side.


(Daniel Death)

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