Aurvandil – Thrones (Eisenwald)

Strict French Black Metal Tradition.

Aurvandil new album Thrones is the epitome of one shall name French desperate Black Metal. Urgent, boisterous, disgraceful, fast and abyssal.

The album has only 4 long songs, so let’s dig into them.

For Whom Burnest Thou starts with an acoustic guitar and you can only think it’s another shoegaze/wannabe newcomers that came to “change” the face of black metal. But when the song really starts off with the traditional and repetitive black metal, that feeling immediately goes away and one perceives he’s in front of the most traditional band in the sense of keeping the faith, arcane, depressive and destructive.

They’re passages upon passages of locked drumming with no concession to any kind of modern take, it’s second wave in its glory! Lo-fi production, this is the wet dream of every cultist of Scandinavian (and why not) Les Légions Noire kind of sound!

The Harvest of Betrayal follows suit with its aggressive brand of lashing black metal onset. The vocals are drowned in the production so they sound like a distress call from some spirit lost in the abyss which is the entrance to hell. The riffs are minimal, but very loyal to REAL Black Metal proposal.

Summon the Storms clocks at 19 minutes!!!! It’s an esoteric trip to the forests unknown! If you need a reference just remember the opener of Setheial’s Nord called In the Still of a Northern Fullmoon, extend it a little bit and you’ll get the whole picture. It brings a state of euphoria after the self-contrition by the end of the song. Really for initiated.

Ingen Lindring is the closer with the very same gestalt and it is beautiful how implosive black metal can be, to mitigate one’s mind with iteration.

If you’re keen to such amount of second wave Black Metal don’t lose this release for it is a great expression of devotion to the darkest art of black metal!

Thrones is going to be released on April 22nd on Eisenwald

(Daniel Death)

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