ETHS – Ex Umbra In Solem – (Season of Mist)

Modern is not so bad in the voice of Rachel Aspe

This is an EP to be sold only in their native France (and on Season of Mist store worldwide) to show off their new vocalist Rachel Aspe wich is acknowledged better than her successor, Candice.

First song shows a packed modern thrash metal with progressions all along the song, and the voice of Rachel ranging from delicate to throwing up!!! Indeed she is great.

Other tracks are live ones like Samantha, Bulimiarexia (with the delightful voice of Rachel really giving a treat for the eardrum), Crucifère and the others being re-recorded versions of their prior album with Candice.

All songs are alike and it is really hard to judge an EP which the sole intend is to present her new vitriolic vocalist.

The rhythm session is really packed and it shows technique above all. But by labeling their sound “Modern Metal”, they escape the judgment of time: if their song is progressive whatnot, metalcore, modern thrash, or any form of modern twisted music.

I myself think it’s a nice move to distant themselves from such labels as one is able to judge them for their sound (and the quality of Rachel). Their sound is okay and Rachel is right girl for the place!!!

Now we have only to wait what will be their next “modern” move which is really opened to interpretations but as I said before, can and eventually is going to be a very interesting one… As the whole of this EP!

(Daniel Death)

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