Gravehill – Death Curse (Dark Descent Records)

Blackened Death/Thrash with American accent.

GraveHill is a Californian satanic speed  metal band with hints of heavy metal. They went through several line up changes until get to this current truculent form!

Where others would encounter nays, I can only see good music, because putrid is the REAL modus operandi of metal.

Simplistic in form, they compensate their somewhat clumsy and hooligan metal with chunks of brutality.

Death Curse may not raise the interest of the great public for its over simplistic name but who cares about mainstream?  This is speed metal with chugging guitars and creative solos and the drum beats are really hardcore, almost metal punk.

Other sample of how metal OUGHT TO BE done is the very oldschool missile Fear The Reaper.  No fucking frills, just anthemic thrash metal in the vein of old Germanic band Metal Storm, Venom, Warfare, At War and more current bands like Bestial Mockery and Toxic Holocaust. This is a real tribute to the gods of evil. This comes from a time when American METAL was not a synonym of “core” music, and people only could expect quality coming from North America. The tradition is fucking alive.

But my undisputed fave is a song called Crucified,  this is the real crossover between satanic Metal and d-beat, it’s like a metallic Discharge, GBH with the rhythm session of Bathory. The chorus which is the name of the music, is very Motörhead, and is impossible for REAL AND PURE BLOOD, headbangers to stay indifferent to this song.

Gravehill brings nothing new to the field of speed metal that is and was already been done. But this is exactly what we want to hear in an era when the essence of true metal is lost and pseudo-progressive bands take the lead. Gravehill is an assertion that the legitimate metal is still alive and kicking and will be for the years to come because it’s not a fucking fad.

(Daniel Death)

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