Mass Infection – For I Am Genocide (Comatose Music)

The Greek powerhouse of Death Metal is back with their third album!

If you’re a fan of Deeds of Flesh, Hate Eternal and Severe Torture, brace yourselves for this impacting release which will release technical death metal rampage all over the place!

Man this is what I call death metal in a technical way; too many bands out there are trying so hard, but then comes Mass Infection and pulverize all of them…

The brutal impact starts with Praised By All the Entities with blast beats of outer space, precise, dead on, with stark raving changes of tempo, this guys just want to systematically destroy the world by deftness.

Another mega –cataclysmic sound is the fourth track named Beholding the Throne… The mortal riffs brings scholarly internecine with their angular beefy riffs and sometimes abstruse forceful outrage!

Maelstrom of Endless Suffering is a cathartic masterpiece of the genre, never compromising an iota in their way to reach new levels of inhumanity. The stratification of this song brings it to new heights of barbarism.

The last track Genocide Revealed is an excellent closer and it isn’t that different from the other tracks except that it continues its twisted formula in making technical songs.

For I Am Genocide is a great surprise for those who like their death metal brutal and highly technical. It’s NOT subpar to the bands they claim influence and even a bunch of American famous acts. Being from Greece only puts them in a whole new level of quality! Buy or die!

(Daniel Death)

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