Patria – Individualism (Indie Recordings)

Brazilian Black Metal with Norwegian ice-cold rage!

Patria hails from the South of Brazil and it brings to the fore a true misanthropic kind of Black Metal. The fact is, they are forging this steel since 2008 when they recorded their first demo and after 4 high acclaimed albums (by the Brazilian black metal pundits) they are back for more with Individualism.

Of course the fact that they are veteran members of Brazilian acts like Mysteriis and Thorns of Evil, just adds insult to injury, but this album is a surprising windfall to the ears thirsty for pure Black Metal.

The fact of them being Brazilian (actually they are a couple of musicians) is interesting because Brazil has a very peculiar way of doing metal, but they kind of forged their music in the Scandinavian roots of second wave, and like a bifrost they merged the Fjords with Pampas.

Geography apart this album was mastered by no other than Øystein G. Brun and the art was made by Costin Chioreanu (who previously worked with Darkthrone, Ulver, Absu, Mayhem and Arcturus)

After the intro Individualism, the album opens up with the explosive yet melodic Blood Storm Prophecy and the following track Uncrowned God of Light is a statement that the fusion between the raw black metal made in Brazil and the flawless one made in Norway is complete.

But they are just openers and no conclusion other than “yeah, it’s good” can be taken up to this point.

Then the progressions of Outrage and Orphan of Emptiness come: TOP NOTCH Black Metal music with high skills between notes and rhythm session, showing an incredible cohesive dexterity upon the evolutions of phrases and tempos. It seems that it’s child’s play to do what most bands in the world are trying to do: GOOD MUSIC, nevertheless their weapon of choice.

But my two absolute fave is Catharsis (damn the title says it all). The song starts with a Nordic feel to it with astringent rifferama and the subsequent phrase are the starters for the main course which is the body of the song: fast, well produced, high pitched, hateful, abhorrent and melancholic feeling of brutality that emanates from every single phrase and octaves of this song. This is hooky as hell although very, very noisy! PERFECTION.

Other tracks like Your Rotten Heart Dies Now and God’s Entombment show the very same ability to entertain with complexity and proficiency.

The closer Requiem for the Ego is a mysterious piece of neo-classical song.

When I first spun it I knew I was in front of something very special and grandeur! If you miss this album, you’re just missing another page of black metal being written. You can hang yourself. Long live to PATRIA!!!!!!!



Individualism is going to be released through Indie Recordings on April 21st.


(Daniel Death)

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