Harakiri For The Sky – Aokigahara – (Art of Propaganda)

A modern take of black and death metal.

The terminology post-black metal connotes something intelligent, nerdy, cutting edge, but it’s just hipster. So to label a band like Harakiri For The Sky like “post-black metal” is really a stupid thing to do, as stupid as the name of the band itself.

But the band is not bad; on the contrary, they are really good in what they do. So why not say they are a modern take of black and melodic death metal? Because that’s what they really are.

That been said, their sound is over the top music for those who are fans of Germ, a sound really innovative and full of surprises.

The first tracks My Bones to the Sea, Jhator and Homecoming Denied have a black metal backdrop into their metallic post-punk approach of their music; lengthy yet catchy these songs will satisfy those who are seeking for something different to hear in their leisure times.

69 Dead Birds for Utoya (which is a clearly reference to the 2011 Utøya massacre in Norway) sounds more like the excellent Cult of Luna (and I really think they draw a huge inspiration from them). But Harakiri For The Sky are original and bold.

The song Part is back with some black metal vocals and a sentimental fretwork, and the double bass drum overcomes the whole song. Of course given the nature of the opus it’s not a blast beat. Piano parts borrowed from the post-punk era may occur before the song explodes again into the aforementioned lament.

Panoptycon is a fave because they maintain that DSBM vibe and one doesn’t need an intense memory activity to take this song for the very first time. It’s black metal even after some songs that escape completely from the style. Interesting how they distribute the songs in the CD.

But the best moments though come with the track Nailgarden and its folk approach without get out of the initial proposal of the album. They’re Austrians after all, so they have some Dornenreich in their DNA.

Gallows (Give ‘Em Rope) is the most aggressive number of the album and the closer is a metallic rendition of a Tears for Fears song Mad World (available on LP edition ONLY).

 Aokigahara is indicated for those who are open-minded and don’t fear the new approaches. But if you hear the label post-black metal again, RUN TO HILLS.


Aokigahara is going to be released on April 21st on Art of Propaganda



(Daniel Death)

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