Possession (Belgium) – Anneliese 7″ EP (Iron Bonehead/Invictus)

Brutal EP from die hards to die hards

Possession is releasing their second Opus a 11-minute EP with only two songs so let’s get down to them:

Anneliese makes the first side of the EP, it’s a tighten track, very morbid indeed, with chunks of death metal to spend and nothing to spare. Lump guitars curves and bulkiest sound drive this song. It starts as a doom number but as the pieces of the puzzle get together they are gaining form of the ugliest black death metal. Pure satanic cult for the steadfast headbangers.

Second song called Apparition is very similar to the first one, inferring that imagination isn’t one of the strongest points of this band. Except that the riff is oddly changed in strange octaves that give some difference to the music. But comparing both songs this is the best of them, maybe because it has more pieces to befuddle your mind.

This EP is very well done, heavily disgraceful. However I’d like to hear a full length of these guys to see if the energy can prevail. Let’s wait and see!

(Daniel Death)

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