Twitch of the Death Nerve – A New Code of Morality (Comatose Music)

Why isn’t this band making a huge world tour RIGHT NOW? Hello Producers?

A New Code of Morality is the debut album of this English band Twitch of the Death Nerve. These Londoners came out of the blue to attack us with the vilest form of brutal slamming death cruel metal!

Oh well everybody knows that to play this style is needed a huge amount of technical skills. Simply if the musicians are subpar, the sound is subpar and they are out of the brutal death metal game. That is NOT the case with this mega, ultra, infernal brutal band.

They play in the fastest possible tempo: these guys inject BPM’s as a drug.The guitars are like axes to cut off heads of posers worldwide. The rhythm session is packed, cohesive, absurdly fast, and the vocals have that Pig Squeals which always crack me up!!!!

Songs like Of Rutting Beasts, Drifting Herds and Scores of Sores, Legions of Lesions are so insane that is impossible to not pay attention. Fuck, this is an instant classic of the style. The passages are so abrupt that just by hearing them one can break his own neck… and die!

Other disgraces come in form of The Repercussions of Fetus Consumption and The Locard Principle. Damn! This is really a binge of barbarous death metal with a perfect production. There are simply NO FLAWS here!

By the end of the CD Eschewing the Advice Against Self-Trepanation comes fucking ripping, no rest for the posers. It’s insanity upon insanity forever and ever again! Okay I can understand that a band has its tricks and every musician has their own skills. But put them together is a completely different thing. How can they marry the bass, the guitar riffs, with the rapid changing of phrases in an absurd velocity? That shit will always amaze me!

The Pitezel Family Holiday is so putrid, that it made me laugh. I mean, is not a bad thing, really. But the crooked intense vocals are really creative (yes one can STILL be creative inside the brutal death metal universe)

This is seriously competing to my list of the best albums released in 2014. Totally perfect, brutal, a masterpiece of the genre, so where are the promoters to give this band a worldwide attention? Where are they??????????

(Daniel Death)

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