Velnias – Sovereign Nocturnal – Eisenwald

Ambient Doom American Metal.

Velnias is re-releasing their first effort, containing only 3 songs. Yes bubbas, it’s a full-length! The songs range at 12 to 15 minutes, so it’s like someone said:  it’s a “progressive black doom metal marathon”

First track called Into the Arms of the Oak is a unprecedented mix of progressive metal, black, doom with an European accent, but what says the band is American is the sludge which is so peculiar to bands from North America.

Although the songs are long and doomish they indeed have very slow variations of tempo and phrases abound: damn, they have more than 10 minutes to showcase their ability so…

The perfect sample is the song Risen of the Moor, they just don’t repeat a phrase and at least in the first spin one cannot “get” the whole song. It’s a very and innovative take of this kind of snail paced sound which is sometimes boring to people that are no fans of any kind of doom form. Even those who aren’t initiated in doom/sludge and whatnot will like their songs for it is very catchy in the sense that even without grippers the progressions are, of course, never boring. Very intelligent song indeed.

Sovereign Nocturnal, the title track is a bit more upbeat, with their Black Sabbath riffs, nevertheless never aping nobody and over again, sludge but never too sludgey. The way the guitar are recorded have that black metal take, and there are eventually some acoustic guitars, just to return to humongous death/doom take.  Hence the sound is basically a bouncing from black to death with the doom as a fastener. That is not to take away the merit of being extremely creative with one thousand passages. From calm to aggressive and seamless.

Velnias is essential for those who like extended trips like me!


Sovereign Nocturnal is going to be released on April 21st on Eisenwald.


(Daniel Death)

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