Curimus – Artificial Revolution – (Freezing Penguin / Svart Records)

Groove metal from Finland.

Really, Finland is not very known for their groove metal bands, and Curimus is a novelty at least for me.

The music is kinda metallic hardcore (no it’s not METALCORE) with takes of thrash and punk rock. It is astringent, in-the-face, well produced and violent.

So what is the problem then? The vocals are overtly “from the streets” ya know? Totally Americanized and the formula had exhausted years ago with Pantera and Machine Head.

It’s repetitive and boring, really. But at least the CD has some good moments as in the upbeat violence of Love Song (get the irony?) and In The Darkness that are really suit for headbanging.

Another good surprise of the album is Blade in, Blade Out: totally hardcore remembering something like a crossover of Biohazard and Legion of the Damned.  It’s a strike from hell really.

Unchained has that Pantera-esque breaks between the hardcore making the whole effort to sounds like a badass band in vain.

But over again the problem is not the instrumental per se, since as I inferred before, the boys are really good musicians. Kudos for them… But the vocals of Marko Silvennoinen are really tiring. But if you can’t get enough of groove metal and modern is your cuppa chances are that you’re gonna love this album.

Artificial Revolution is going to be released on April 25th on Freezing Penguin and Svart Records.

(Daniel Death)

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