EVILNIGHT – Stormhymns of Filth (TAPE) – Hells Headbangers

Mortal tape for Hellbangers.

Stormhymns of Filth is being released in tape format through Hells Headbangers and as always is a helluva release (pun intended!)

This is one is pure simple old school speed thrash metal, absolutely with no frills and delivering evil sensations.

The tape opens with Evil Night and Warbikers and they deliver a crossover of Iron Angel and Toxic Holocaust (specially because of the black harsh metal voice sung through the whole opus)

Turbofuck is the “what the fuck” moment of the tape. Calm down man! It’s not bad whatsoever, but out of the blue and the chorus which is the name of the song (it’s over the top,!) TURBOooOOO FUCK! , the song changes to: RAINING BLOOD! Just to return over again to the “turbofuck” mode. It’s where they begin to win.

Leather Bitch is really not that different, sounding a more satanic version of a Bathory or Toxic Holocaust song.

But Dykes on Bikes is the best! It’s pure Metal from deepness of hell ranging from heavy to thrash without change tempos or phrases. It’s straight music for straight boys: although I’m not sure if a song containing “dykes” on its name can be considered straight hahahaha. But I just can help thinking an army of badass dykes roaming around the town with their satanic (turbofuck?) machines! The desperate repetition makes it even better: DYKES, DYKES, DYKES, ooooOOON BYKES! Great!

Lord of Darkstar is more of a instrumental heavy metal rendition of Iron Maiden with touches of old and cold Exciter.

This tape has 10 songs at only 23 minutes, it sounds like a demo or EP rather than an album, but anyway, it worth a shot. I for one, gave it 20 spins. Did I like it? You bet!

Stormhymns of Filth is out now on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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