MIND – Save Yourself From Hell – (Selfmadegod Records)

Cinematic Crust.

Mind is the powerhouse crust core band from Germany and they are back with this album Save Yourself from Hell.

They’re layers upon layers of violent and unpolished music that lashes on the face of the listener with no pity.

First song Don’t Do It features Dean Jones of Extreme Noise Terror, and the noise/grindcore sensations a la Napalm Death and Agathocles are guaranteed.

Burn and Destroy, Lost and Living Just to Die are pure crust/punk and if sometimes they’re not the fastest songs around, they are filthy, shameless and ugly punk and crust core to the masses.

I personally love their take on the style that seems a modern Sore Throat, it’s really raspy and noisy!!!

But the song Inferno is the best: it opens up with spoken word from the movie Event Horizon when the guy says something like Liberate Tutemet Ex-Inferis (wrong latin for the name of the album Save Yourself From hell). On the background of the actual song one can hear the vocalist saying Liberate tutemet!!! It’s pure insanity.

Songs like Suffer and Human continue between Napalm Death and Doom approach of the punk/metal (not METAL PUNK!) of this extreme style of music.

However the tune Bread to Breathe is pure crust binge. Punks and Headbangers may unite in a room to destroy it. Well it’s a kind of mid-tempo (for a extreme act like Mind) song that is suit for destruction.

Last song Burn and Destroy features Denis Boardman of Doom. A really brutal piece of massacre!

All in all Save Yourself from Hell is a noisome and unrelenting release indicated only for die hards of punk/metal/grind/mince and crust core.

 Save Yourself From Hell is out now on Selfmadegod Records 

(Daniel Death)

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