Vanhelga – Längtan – Art of Propaganda

The strangest art of Vanhelga

Vanhelga (alleged Profane in Swedish) is an experimental Black Metal band that has an eerie and avant-garde sound.

The music has to be listened with due attention because it’s trippy and complicated.

First of all the production: although it is a cliché to talk about it, this album has a very “thin” sound of drums. It was deliberately put in the background without punch, just like some percussion. Second, there are layers upon layers of incongruent music, it was like the guys was really experimenting and playing to see what the result was about: it is very interesting.

Very Black Metal indeed but with hints of Dødheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende and Manes.

For example, first track Svartsint ömhet changes from calm to acoustic parts (there are lots of them) and a strange guitar sound, and the vocals are always out, like some bellows invented in the studio. Since I can’t get Swedish, left alone harsh Swedish, this is what it sounds to me, but the final result is very interesting.

Låt snön falla is another great song with some melodic feeling and still uncanny vocalizations kinda spoken in some mad despair from a madhouse. Over again the omnipresent acoustic guitar appears amid the chaos, it comes and go uninvited.

Narkotisk uppgivenhet is another good sample of the unusual sound of Längtan, it’s kind of upbeat but that hissing black metal guitars, giving it no heaviness, however in a crazy pace that will leave you confused, then a keyboard pervades and a melodic solo appears. Very intriguing.

Last song Exploderande känslostorm is the longest of the album and it showcases a myriad of elements like acoustic guitars, crooked rhythmic sessions, oblique solos, obtuse spoken words… trippy as hell.

Längtan is indeed for you who are seeking the unusual sound but without losing the essence of pure Scandinavian Black Metal. This is the ONLY way to go!


Längtan is going to be released on April 28th on Art of Propaganda

(Daniel Death)

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