Vredehammer – Vinteroffer (Indie Recordings)

Norsk to the bone.

Vredehammer is a relatively unknown band outside Norway, but this status is sure to be modified by this new album Vinteroffer.

This is the dream of every black metaller of Nordic persuasion: well executed, tighten sound, musically challenging and loyal to the roots (although a little bit melodic, but this is only for the show)

After the eerie introduction the album explodes with the track Cthulhu and subsequent song Seduce Infect Destroy cements the first impression of the album: broken tempos and intelligent phrases with solos that will send shivers down your spine.

But the next songs are sensational: Suicide Forest remembers the glorious days of Gorgoroth and a scent of Mayhem and Dimmu Borgir are added along with Swedish acts such as Watain. It’s the best of two worlds and the soloing are the harbinger of melodic and inspired music that this band has to present us!

We Are The Sacrifice (honestly, the best track of the CD), is an exciting piece of Black Metal opera with lots of in the face phrases and crescendos, brilliantly put in the right places without sounding “experimental” albeit sounding original (a compliment, since the subject is black metal). It’s cohesively constructed music.

However Sykdom gives the other tunes a run for their money, upping the ante with a grand finally which includes full Viking metal chamber for the delight of those who never gets tired of this type of allegretto.

Summoned sounds more brute and heartless, nevertheless clever…  If it’s not the best song of the opus, it’s not a filler either. The double bass drums by the second half of the song with a melodic solo is just as enticing as the Viking moment on the other track.

Title track is a vortex of information which clocks in at more than 9 minutes: a true epic of pharaonic proportions. It’s difficult to keep up with the whole whirlpool of changing phrases, but it’s exactly that that makes this song excellent.

Last track Admissa works more like an outro (maybe an introduction to the next album?).

Vinteroffer is not an effort, is an ambitious and rambunctious approach of Norwegian Black Metal.  The most interesting fact is that they’re here to save the music, rather to make good music above all without giving a dime to trends. They are loyal to their style, yet they manage to build riffs and musical structures that only add up to the black metal as whole. Essential and quintessential!

Vinteroffer  is out now on Indie Recordings.

(Daniel Death)

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