Woman Is The Earth – This Place That Contains My Spirit – Eisenwald

Organic Black Metal from South Dakota

 This Place That Contains My Spirit is actually the second album of Woman Is The Earth which was released in 2012 and now it’s been released by Eisenwald.

This is the transcendence of black metal into the Mother Nature with long phrases and trippy passages and a strong organic sound that turns in that they are from US.

It’s like a merging of East European and American sound.

It’s really difficult to sit through the whole CD even though it is something that is beyond the human comprehension.

For example track Sage Moon contains long phrases but as the song clocks in at 13 minutes there are suffice passages to make one forgot what was happening in the first 4 minutes of song… The guitars are utterly unpolished but the sound is heavily ambient at the same time. The drums are interred in the background and this band has a singular vibe: they cut their sound as if another song started at the same track. Interesting.

The vocals are muddy like if they were a kinda sludge black metal band. But the final result is very satisfactory as one can hear at the longest track Glow Beyond the Ridgeline: aural passages that evokes the animistic spirits that are buried in the cold Black Hills ground.

This is a band that is not to be neglected: great sound and original passion and zeal for their art!

Woman Is The Earth is one of the great prime forces of atmospheric Black Metal in US. It’s your chance to get a hold of this material!

This Place That Contains My Spirit is going to be released on April 21st on Eisenwald.

(Daniel Death)

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