ZGARD to release next album on Svarga

Heads up slavic metal fans!


Ukrainian folk powerhouse ZGARD sets June 23rd to release its fourth album Contemplation (Созерцание) on Svarga. This is the fourth album since the debut Дух Карпатських Сутінків (Spirit of Carpathian Sunset) released two years ago. The album will come in a regular jewelcase and in a exclusive digipack limited in 100 copies ONLY!

Yaromisl, the sole man behind the band promises “an atmosphere that’s less cosmic and more organic, stirring both bloodlust and majesty within the listener”.


The tracklisting as it follows:

1. Highlands [Високогір’я]
2. Through the Forest [Через ліс]
3. Incarnation Memory [Спогади перевтілень]
4. Wedge of Cranes [Журавлиний клин]
5. Silence [Забуття]
6. Contemplation [Созерцание]
7. Underworld Bells [Дзвін потойбіччя]

More details coming soon!

(Daniel Death)

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