Dark Century – Murder Motel (Self Released)

Death Metal or Deathcore in disguise?

There is the best type of filtering to decide which way the music goes: the time and inevitably with the advent of internet death metal encountered metalcore. But what does the “filtering of time” have anything to do with Dark Century?

In 2014 with alliances defined and death metal distancing themselves from the “emos” of before, it seems that Dark Century stays somewhere in between, or even worse: in a vacuum created by the abyss that are now separating what internet mingled a couple of years ago.

Being from Montreal, Quebec, it is virtually impossible that Dark Century doesn’t have ANY influence of Despised Icon (the deathcore band that shunned the terminology, to no avail).

But it’s also true that also from Quebec is the most mortal death band in the world: Cryptopsy (which had dabbled with deathcore in 2008, even though they never admit it).

So you can put Dark Century somewhere in between the both bands. Of course lacking the ultra mega velocity and accurate technique of Cryptopsy, nonetheless Dark Century are great musicians capable of raise some hell with their ultra heavy and demented music.

Perfect samples of that are tracks of pure death insanity like In Our Veins and Dead Birds. But tracks like Murder Motel and Torticolis have those unbearable breakdowns which leave some old school listeners like me pretty confused.

Cholesteral is the perfect sample of what might happen when two worlds collide.

Chloroforme is the most honest track of the CD.

Dark Century and their Murder Motel CD is not a failure attempt to sound “legit”. They are a honest band, however they are a product of their own musical environment, impossible to choose sides. So I’d like to believe this is another phase for Quebecois metal. Dark Century is a band that has something yet to prove, but they have the right weapons to do so. Honesty and musicality is what they master. Now let’s wait for better compositions in the future. But to be sincere, I’m totally avid to hear what they will become on the next CD!!! PS: Mosh Test Dummies is the best track of the album.

Murder Motel is going to be out on April 18th.

(Daniel Death)

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