Gunpowder Gray – Gunpowder Gray (Boris Records)

Hard/heavy with attitude!

Gunpowder Gray is a totally unknown entity. Yet, their sound is from outer space.

They play a blend of hard rock and heavy metal that is sticky to the bone!

First song, Gunpowder Gray, it’s a typical hard rock/hair metal number, and the body of the song is not that great, but the chorus: oh my fuck! This is simply delicious to hear. The vocals are incredibly high pitched and heavy metal! The guitars are sharp.

Cummin’ My Way ups the ante with a Skid Row-oriented kinda of hard/heavy (which is very White Wizzard too) and it is another great number with a miserably tacky refrain that runs into the raddest solo ever.

Third track Outta Sigh is pure Motley Crüe, fuck me, what a good sound. This is the soundtrack for you successful party and if you don’t put this CD everything is doomed to destruction. That riff which stops to give place to the guy singing (it’s not clear if it’s Nate Godbee from the DEATH METAL band Disfiguration from Atlanta, or Chris Heffernan who does the vocals) is just incredible.

Under The Gun is simple perfection and the high-pitched voice with back vocals invites hookers to the party.

 Cut me Out is a heavy metal proper with southern guitars and would give White Wizzard and even Steel Panther a run for their money. Well at least in the studio these guys are great.

Gunpowder Gray is a band that NOBODY is listening to or placing their bets in. But given the proper distribution, this band will become a fave for the hair metal generation. Well, I do hope so.

Gunpowder Gray is going to be released on April 19th on Boris Records

(Daniel Death)

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