Invertia – Another Scheme of the Wicked (Ohm Resistance)

The extreme of the extreme!

Imagine a band more disgraceful than Anaal Nathrakh . Something like electronic Napalm Death or Meethook Seed on steroids (which is Napalm Death with another name). This American band is it and much more, it’s a spiral of madness descending upon the Earth.

I personally love electronic drums. I do. Even if the drummer of my band keeps on saying they are lame. But if you put them in the name of darkness and evil the effects can be as destructive as one thousand H-Bombs.

The Sidewinding starts like a shy number, heavy but nothing so new, when out of the blue: explosions, machine guns, death, blood and disgrace everywhere.

Cross Eyed Christ has the most unintelligible vocals of the earth due to the huge mass of noise that emanates from the speakers, and that’s really good.

Void of Community is like a black metal a la Neo Inferno 262. No wait! It’s heavier than that!! Dude this sounds like as if Fear Factory came back in time and had decided that they’d only play songs at Blasphemy BPM.

Hourglass Without Sand would make Sarcófago from the Crust era like wimps. Look, I’m REALLY fan of Sarcófago, but this is just absurd!!!

They’re Everywhere is the fastest piece of unrelenting of satanic atomic slur ever heard. What the heck is this, I simply LOVE it!

Then come the remixes…. Well The Sidewinding is played again at a low velocity and the mix is held by Justin K. Broadrick (of Godflesh and Jesu fame). It’s boring.

Other remixes like Cross Eyed Christ (End.user Remix) and Void of Community (TranZi3nT Remix) secure the radness of this album although some may say this is not metal enough and it isn’t. It’s just crazy enough to bewilder a sane mind to pieces.

Last track They’re Everywhere (R3TRD Remix) is crazy. Industrial and abnormal with backwards drums. Dude this is trippy.

Well, Another Scheme of the Wicked is separated by two acts (the proper songs and the remixes). I don’t think it was a good idea to put them together, but I love it, of course mainly the first part. This is an industrial black/grindcore for those who like craziness and noise. I’m the one of them.

Another Scheme of the Wicked is out now on Ohm Resistance

(Daniel Death)

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