MACH22 – Sweet Talk Intervention – (Self Released)

Cock Rock for the fans only.

Philadelphia based Mach22 is a hard rock band that brag their credentials (as each newcomer) to boost their real importance.

As a matter of fact their hard rock is really generic and will only make hardcore fans of Steel Panther and Skid Row happy.

But they have their qualities: a well produced sound with lots of bluesy inspired sound, very American indeed remembering a modern take of the first days of KISS, with a vocal very alike to Sammy Hagar.

The groove of some songs like Made to love is very good and has a modern take of a once exhausted style.

Well they are not exactly the new saviors of Hard Rock and Hair Rock, but at least they have musical qualities, although in this alleged debut they fail to put on any hooky.

There is even a ballad (oh no) called Stone Rose. The generic of the generic.

The case here is that MACH22 is doing what they like to do and they are taking their chances in the big game of rock stars out there. If it’s not the best CD of the year at least it sounds genuine and that’s what takes to make good music. I must be wrong but won’t dare to say this is their breakthrough album, but I’ll be attentive to their future releases. If they master the style, then maybe they will be the next big thing.

Sweet Talk Intervention is a Self Released released album and it’s going to be released on May 6th

(Daniel Death)

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