PSYCHO – Chainsaw Priest – (Selfmadegod Records)

An ode to brutality from Boston!

This is the first album of the American grindcore powerhouse Psycho in 22 years. After sharing splits with Anal Cunt, R.O.T. , Agathocles and Meat Shits, they return with a full lengthy full of new material ranging from thrashcore to filthiest grind/mincecore attack!

They’re 17 songs at 23 minutes, so expect noise upon noise.

First track Antichrist Hammer is disgraceful with pieces of flesh hitting the fan.

Mystery Meat destroys the place in only 51 seconds, a must hear for brutallers out there.

Force my Will has a fast and hissing soloing in the speed of light velocity: it’s raw, rough, ridged and rude.

Other tracks like Leave me Alone are not so fast, rather they are more hardcore a la Discharge… okay, a little bit faster but punk as fuck while others like Whiskey Bitch destroys the place with some unintelligible noise from hell.

Once a Bully returns things to its hardcore place.

But the last track which is a Plasmatics cover called Won’t you, it’s very, very rad. I mean there’s even a feminine voice to emulate Wendy O. Williams. WOW! Hehhe

Well this album is necessary in the collection of every fucking soul who likes noise, grind, mincecore and whose weapon of choices include SOB, ROT, Anal Cunt, GG Allin, Napalm Death, Agathocles, ENT, Last Days of Humanity and the likes. Go for it!!!! This is quality material.

Chainsaw Priest is out now on Selfmadegod Records

(Daniel Death)

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