Battleroar – Blood of Legends – Cruz del Sur Music

When Metal Worlds Collide!

Battleroar is a mega traditional band from Greece whose influences are Manilla Road, Omen, Manowar, Cirith Ungol, Jag Panzer and Heavy Load. In other words: the traditional of the traditional.

But they aren’t copycats. I mean, it’s easy to ape the simple riffs of the past whatever marvelous they are. They honed their skills and managed to put some vital ingredients from any epic band out there: the Germanic Heavy Metal factor. To achieve that they recruited the Sacred  Steel vocalist Gerrit P. Mutz and his distinctive voice.

Their sound is different from the pioneers in other aspect as well: as they sound epic (and I swear I’m not using this word as substitute for “rad”), they add very different elements to their music, even some folk elements making it sound more “progressive” than the flat sound of the forefathers. They are not to be mistaken as a “prog metal” band tho. Their sound is true to the roots of real metal!

For instance the song the Swords are Drawn contains heaviness enough to make the entire headbanging world to shake their heads and put their hands in the air. This is Metal with capital M.!

Poisoned Well is more snail paced and worships the gods of the forgotten past. The soloing is really second to none (How come does Hellas produce such amount of good axemens anyone’s guess)

But my absolute fave is Immortal Chariot. Damnit, what a helluva riff, this is so metal that made me put this particular song in the repeat mode. After the epodic first phrase the song explodes in something very similar of Grave Digger, but with identity enough to not sound imitation. As a matter of fact is here when they champion their mix of “world wide” metal which is the European and American with dexterity never seen before.

Valkyries Above Us prove over again that they are in for the kill. The way in which the melodies are constructed with trembling riffs, dramatic vocals and smashing backvocals is so iambic that it seems that comes from a forgotten past sung for generation to generation until the current days.

This album is full of magnetized moments and it deserves kudos from the whole community of real headbangers worldwide. Don’t miss this on out or you’ll be cursed by the very gods of heavy metal.

Blood of Legends is going to be released on April 6th on Cruz del Sur Music

(Daniel Death)

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